Nearly a month ago, the Colorado coaching staff made the decision to replace junior quarterback Connor Wood with true freshman Sefo Liufau.

While it's obvious in watching the games that Liufau has been a good choice to take over the offense, the numbers certainly back that up.

Liufau has been on the field for 44 CU possessions. In those possessions, he has led the Buffaloes to 12 touchdowns, five field goals and 99 total points - an average of 2.25 points per drive. On 48.8 percent of his possessions, Liufau has led the Buffs into scoring position.

Compare that to Wood, who got off to a good start, but then tailed off. Wood has started 68 possessions, leading the Buffs to nine TDs, nine field goals and 91 total points - 1.34 points per drive. He got the Buffs into scoring position just 30.6 percent of the time.

In terms of throwing the ball, Liufau has completed 64.9 percent of his passes, compared to Wood's 53.2 percent. Wood also accounted to nine turnovers, while Liufau has had just three so far.

One of the main reasons Wood was replaced was his inability to make plays on third down. So far, Liufau has been a dramatic improvement in that area. Wood has completed just 14 of 40 passes (35.0 percent) for 145 yards and eight first downs on his third/fourth down throws. Liufau, on the other hand, is 25 of 40 (62.5 percent) for 329 yards and 20 first downs.

A few other notes from CU football:

  • Center Gus Handler is the only CU lineman that has played on all 560 offensive snaps this year.


    Right tackle Stephane Nembot is second with 551 snaps played.
  • Four games into the season, punter Darragh O'Neill was on pace for a program-record 87 punts. He has kicked just 15 times in the last four games, though, and is now on pace for 66 punts.
  • Six of eight CU opponents have scored on their opening drive of the second half. The only two teams who failed to do so were Colorado State and Charleston Southern.
  • Of Goodson's 15 catches this year, seven have come on third or fourth down - and all seven resulted in CU getting a first down.
  • CU is even on turnover margin this year. The Buffs have committed 15 turnovers and produced 15 turnovers.
  • Freshman linebacker Addison Gillam has not made as many impact plays in recent games. Through the first four games, Gillam had six tackles for loss (TFL) and 11 third-down stops. In the last four games, he has just one TFL - and none in the last three games - and no third-down stops.