Considering the Colorado football team has its sights set on reaching bowl eligibility this season, the Buffs can't afford to lose too many games.

Last week's game against Colorado State was considered one of CU's best chances to get a win this season, which is why the 22-17 loss seemed crushing to the Buffs.

Yet, with 11 to go, beginning with Saturday's home tilt against Sacramento State, the Buffs insist they aren't dwelling on the disappointing loss. Head coach Jon Embree also said he believes CU can reach a bowl game.

"Yeah, I do," he said. "I still do, and our players still do.

"You have to get back up and you have to get going again. The thing about (football), you fool around and you win a game you're not supposed to win, too. It happens all the time. You can't stop preparing. Nobody feels sorry for you."

The sky-high confidence CU (and every other team in the country) had going into the season took a hit with Saturday's loss, but it didn't knock the Buffs down.

"We've kind of already forgotten about the CSU game and we're now moving on ahead to Sacramento State," defensive end Chidera Uzo-Diribe said. "We don't work for just one game. We work for a 13-game season to help us get to a bowl game."

Embree said that, as a head coach, he has to play psychologist every week, but felt his team took a good mental approach into this week's preparations.

"I told them it's OK to be disappointed, but don't be discouraged," Embree said. "Discouragement leads to failure. I asked the leadership council how many of them felt like this after a game last year, or the team felt like they did on Monday, and they said one game. So, it's good to know that they care and that it bothers them that this happened.


"If that's true; if they are what I think they are, that'll help be the fuel that will keep them working and preparing and doing all the things you have to do. There's a lot of football left to be played."

CU shouldn't have much trouble gearing up for this week's game, which is the home opener at Folsom Field.

"It's big being at home," Embree said. "Obviously there is a different comfort level when you're at home. Getting a team from outside the state at this altitude, doing what we do in our no-huddle offense and getting that pace going. It will be good for a lot of things for us playing here at Folsom."

As far as Uzo-Diribe is concerned, it wouldn't matter where the Buffs were playing this week; the loss should motivate them.

"I feel like this loss is going to improve our preparation," he said. "We're going to come out here in practice harder than we did the last few weeks to make sure we get this win on Saturday. I'm still confident in our team. I've seen what we can do and right now we're just working on showing it on Saturday."

Poston makes impression

Kirk Poston has had a rapid rise. The sophomore defensive tackle was on the field for six plays in 2011, and then didn't get a lot of attention during preseason camp. Yet on Saturday, he was in the starting lineup and made four tackles for the Buffs.

Chidera Uzo-Diribe talks about the loss to CSU and the upcoming game against Sacramento State.
Chidera Uzo-Diribe talks about the loss to CSU and the upcoming game against Sacramento State. ( PAUL AIKEN )

"Kirk had a very good camp," Embree said. "He plays with a mean streak and all that. He had a better camp than what Juda (Parker) did. (Defensive line coach Kanavis McGhee) felt like he was the better guy at that position to start there; that's why we started him."


Tuesday's weekly press conference was the first of several that was held in front of media and fans. Several dozen fans were in attendance for the press conference and luncheon on the Millennium Harvest House. Following media questions to Embree and Uzo-Diribe, fans were allowed to ask questions. Uzo-Diribe was asked if he's a skier or snowboarder. "I'm a sleeper," he said, drawing laughs from everyone in attendance. ... Embree said freshman Kenneth Crawley will continue to return punts. ... Embree singled out Uzo-Diribe, Derrick Webb and Will Pericak as defenders who played exceptionally well against CSU.

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