Eric Bieniemy says there is new stuff in his offense this season. He isn't saying how much.

The Colorado offensive coordinator is entering his second season calling the plays for the Buffs, and he says he spent part of his offseason studying other offenses and picking out pieces he believes fit in well with the long-term vision he and coach Jon Embree share for the Buffs.

But here is the thing. It figures to be tough to tell what is new and what might be something the Buffs just never got to in 2011.

Bieniemy estimates CU only used 35-40 percent of the offense last season. He said the primary reason was it took a year for players just to get players used to the basics of the pro-style, West Coast system and 35-40 percent was all they could handle.

"I was taught as a player to learn from the dinosaurs," Bieniemy said. "You've got to make sure that you're willing to adapt and keep it moving.

"Obviously we've done a little studying with different offenses and different people across the country, but you've always got to be willing to experiment with things and be willing to try something new. Just because you've done it a certain way your whole entire life doesn't mean you can't change for the better."

Bieniemy and Embree have tinkered and will definitely have some wrinkles, possibly even whole new chapters in the playbook, but with such a young roster, are they likely to use more of the offense this season?


The Buffs will have a new quarterback, albeit an experienced one, in Kansas transfer Jordan Webb. But Webb will be working with young and inexperienced players at running back, tight end and wide receiver. Bieniemy said he doesn't expect that to be an issue because the players who were on the roster last year did a good job coaching the freshmen this summer before camp started. That allowed coaches to start from a different place than they did last year, even though there were 28 seniors on last season's team.

Bieniemy stopped short of grading veteran players and their summer coaching with an A.

"Here is what you've got to understand, we've got a lot of guys who played in that offense a year ago, returning players," Bieniemy said. "Those guys have done a great job of teaching these kids. They did all their own little stuff and these kids are a lot further along than where we were a year ago. They've adapted pretty fast."

CU fans will get their first look at Year Two of Bieniemy's offense in less than two weeks when the Buffs open the season Sept. 1 against CSU at Sports Authority Field in Denver.

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