Looking for an entire used basketball court?

The University of Colorado at Boulder is auctioning off its portable, 16-year-old basketball court, hoping to get at least $5,000 — the minimum bid. The online auction is through Higher Ed Surplus.

Since the auction started on Friday, there haven't been any takers for the floor, which also served as a volleyball court. The auction ends June 15.

The Robbins "AllStar Plus" portable maple basketball floor is described as in fair to good condition. The floor, purchased in 1996, measures 60-feet-by-112-feet and has been sanded and stripped once. 

The buyer must remove, load and transport the flooring.

Dave Plati, CU sports information director, said old equipment is often auctioned -- not as much for the extra income as because CU isn't allowed to give it away to high schools.

"We're not allowed to donate it because it would be a violation of NCAA rules," he said.

A junior college would be one possible buyer. Or a die-hard Buffs fan who wants to own a very large piece of the team.

Steve Tebo, a Boulder developer who collects cars with historical or cultural significance, said he's a big CU basketball fan, but hadn't heard of the auction.

"I have no idea what I would do with it," he said.