DENVER -- Winning. Generating excitement. Filling the seats.

That formula has worked wonders for the Colorado men's basketball team in Tad Boyle's two years as head coach.

CU athletic director Mike Bohn would like to see the women's team follow the same path.

"We're using the men's model, basically," Bohn said Tuesday when he met with members of the media. "We're going to use that model to try to inspire the fact that if we want to win, we've got to be hungry to win."

Bohn has been quite pleased with the job done by head coach Linda Lappe, who recently completed her second season with the Buffs. She led CU to a 21-14 record and a trip to the Women's NIT quarterfinals. A year ago, she led the Buffs to an 18-16 mark and WNIT quarterfinal trip.

"The fundamental structure of the program has improved dramatically," Bohn said. "They recognize they're on the right track and they're making wonderful progress. They also recognize the importance of continuing to enhance that."

Lappe has preached the importance of strong fundamental basketball, including rebounding, defense and limiting turnovers. She has also been the type of leader Bohn wanted when he hired her.

"Her leadership is consistent with our guiding principles around leadership: commitment, work ethic and passion for CU."

Bohn's goal for the women's basketball program, and all sports at CU, is to find another level of success. For the women's team, that means winning more games and filling more seats at the Coors Events Center.


"We've got to continue with our entertainment, obviously making the games good," Bohn said. "We need the team to play inspired, fundamentally sound basketball, which is what Linda is all about."

Whether it was CU's strong play early in the season (the Buffs started 12-0) or the excitement over being in the Pac-12, the Buffs had good attendance this past season. They averaged 2,679 fans per game, second in the Pac-12 to perennial national power Stanford (4,250).

"Our goal is to take over the No. 1 spot," Bohn said.

That's a lofty goal, but with better success on the court, Bohn believes Lappe's squad can get there.

"That's why the intensity of interest from our fan base and the environment we create on game day is vital," he said. "When it's on in the Coors Events Center, we're pretty good.

"Our fans know good basketball when they see it and they support it."

With only one senior departing and a good recruiting class coming in, fans could have a lot to cheer for next season. The Buffs are aiming for the NCAA Tournament.

"I know that's their goal, that's always our goal to get into the postseason," Bohn said. "That's the ultimate stage that we want to be on."

Linda Lappe, the new University of Colorado women’s basketball coach, claps along to the song "Glory Colorado" after being introduced to
Linda Lappe, the new University of Colorado women's basketball coach, claps along to the song "Glory Colorado" after being introduced to Mike Bohn, CU's athletic director, at a press conference Monday where her new position was announced. To watch a video of the press conference, visit Photo by Marty Caivano/Camera/April 12, 2010 ( MARTY CAIVANO )

Bohn wouldn't say he expects the Buffs to be in the Tournament, but said the team is headed in that direction.

"No question," he said.