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Do you know what's living in your shower head? CU Boulder scientists are finding out

06/27/2017 06:59 AM MDT
Prepare to feel the need to take a shower — but then think twice before jumping in. A University of Colorado study is shining a light on the world of tiny creatures living in your shower head. 
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CU Boulder's campus dining makes national list for sustainable, well-sourced food
06/26/2017 10:04 PM MDT - The University of Colorado's dining services landing on a national list of the most sustainable, well-sourced eateries is validation to Paul Houle that campus dining is not what it used to be. Full Story

Don't call it a drone: Boulder scientists advance system to track greenhouse gas
06/24/2017 01:10 PM MDT - Researchers at the Boulder's National Institute of Standards and Technology and the University of Colorado have developed a new way to take to the air to learn what's coming from the ground. Full Story

CU Boulder sociology grad students dissatisfied with department culture, surveys show
06/25/2017 11:48 PM MDT - Sociology graduate students at the University of Colorado confessed in recent student-generated climate surveys overwhelming dissatisfaction with the department's culture. Full Story

CU Boulder's Allison Atteberry chosen for $70,000 education fellowship
06/22/2017 10:14 AM MDT - A University of Colorado assistant professor is receiving a prestigious $70,000 fellowship from the National Academy of Education to pursue education research. Full Story

Joe Tumpkin criminal case stalls as attorneys fight over access to ex-girlfriend's cellphone
06/22/2017 11:11 AM MDT - The criminal case against Joe Tumpkin, the former University of Colorado assistant football coach accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend, has stalled as attorneys fight over how much access his defense team should have to the woman's cellphone records. Full Story

Skewed reality: Fake news twice as influential as fact-checking sites, CU study finds
06/19/2017 06:23 PM MDT - To the detriment of reality and facts, fake news outlets had around twice as much influence on the media landscape as fact-checking websites from 2014 to 2016, according to a new study co-authored by a University of Colorado researcher. Full Story

Relative to salary, CU's athletic director hit hardest by punishments levied in Joe Tumpkin case
06/19/2017 06:06 AM MDT - The University of Colorado and its attorneys said the disciplinary actions handed to three high-ranking Boulder campus employees who failed to report domestic violence allegations against a former assistant football coach were significant, financially and symbolically. But how much money is significant? Full Story

Bruce Benson now says personal relationships weren't basis for decision on CU officials' discipline
06/16/2017 05:33 PM MDT - University of Colorado President Bruce Benson clarified remarks he made to the Daily Camera on Thursday indicating his personal relationships with three high-ranking CU employees who failed to report domestic violence allegations influenced the employees' disciplinary actions. Full Story

Apologizing for bad math, CU drops request for break from Boulder's new sugary drink tax
06/16/2017 12:01 PM MDT - The University of Colorado has withdrawn its request for an exemption from Boulder's new sugary drink tax, saying it severely miscalculated the amount of money the measure will cost the school. Full Story

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Are car keys a thing of the past?

The furor over General Motors' deadly ignition switch has the potential to doom the car key, a technology drivers have been using for 65 years. Full Story
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Famous bidders lining up to buy Clippers

Billionaires, entertainers and athletes alike announced their intentions to pursue the Los Angeles Clippers with varying degrees of seriousness Wednesday, proving the longtime losers will be quite a prize if the NBA is able to wrest control of the team away from Donald Sterling after his lifetime ban for racist remarks. Full Story
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Louis CK is back and grumpier than ever

Louie, who (like Louis) is a New York comic and a divorced father of two daughters, knows struggle and angst and cloudy wonderment. He views life through eyes with a stricken look, dwelling in a state of comfortable dread. Full Story

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