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Pelosi preaches higher ed's long-term payoff at CU-Boulder roundtable

08/22/2014 10:07 PM MDT
At a roundtable in Boulder on Friday, Nancy Pelosi joined students, politicians and state higher education leaders in a discussion on college affordability, which the congresswoman said is central to the "Middle Class Jumpstart" initiative she's been touting. 
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CU regents postpone vote on renaming Boulder buildings
08/22/2014 06:50 PM MDT - Officials on the University of Colorado's Boulder campus have been asked to reconsider a plan to name two campus residence halls Nowoo3 and Houusoo halls, the Hinono'ei spellings of two respected Arapaho tribal leaders. Full Story

No to 'Nowoo3': CU-Boulder won't rename dorms using Arapaho spellings
08/21/2014 02:42 PM MDT - The University of Colorado has backed off a proposal to rename two dorms on the Boulder campus using the Arapaho tribe's traditional Hinono'ei spellings. Full Story

Nancy Pelosi to talk college affordability at CU-Boulder on Friday
08/21/2014 01:30 PM MDT - Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic leader of the U.S. House of Representatives, is coming to Boulder on Friday for a discussion on college affordability. Full Story

CU-Boulder researchers use drones to intercept 'gust front' ahead of thunderstorm
08/21/2014 12:49 PM MDT - An international research team organized by the University of Colorado achieved the first multiple, unmanned aircraft interception of a telltale rush of cold air preceding a thunderstorm -- known as a "gust front" -- as it rolled across the Pawnee National Grassland in northeast Colorado last week. Full Story

'The place for me': Thousands of new CU students flood into Boulder
08/21/2014 07:06 PM MDT - Though she lives just 30 minutes away in Denver, Lisa Shafer told her son Adam, a new freshman moving into the dorms at the University of Colorado on Thursday, that he can't come home for one month. Full Story

Boulder Center for Sports Medicine, CU Sports Medicine to operate high-performance center
08/20/2014 08:39 PM MDT - Boulder Community Health plans to move its Boulder Center for Sports Medicine operations to the new high-performance athletic center being developed as part of the University of Colorado Athletic Department's $156 million facilities expansion, officials announced Wednesday. Full Story

CU-Boulder philosophy professor under threat of firing won't teach this fall
08/20/2014 06:46 PM MDT - As University of Colorado students and instructors return to the classroom Monday, embattled associate philosophy professor David Barnett will not be among them. Full Story

CU-Boulder, city recognized for town-gown relations
08/19/2014 01:43 PM MDT - The city of Boulder and the University of Colorado are being recognized for their collaboration with each other and positive "town-gown" relations.  Full Story

Expanded orientation helps international students get familiar with CU, Boulder
08/18/2014 06:22 PM MDT - This year, offices across the University of Colorado's Boulder campus worked to expand international student orientation for a growing number of new students from a half-day program to an entire weekend of events to give them more time to adjust to university life in America. They'll also participate in the general orientation activities for all new CU students this week. Full Story

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Are car keys a thing of the past?

The furor over General Motors' deadly ignition switch has the potential to doom the car key, a technology drivers have been using for 65 years. Full Story
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Famous bidders lining up to buy Clippers

Billionaires, entertainers and athletes alike announced their intentions to pursue the Los Angeles Clippers with varying degrees of seriousness Wednesday, proving the longtime losers will be quite a prize if the NBA is able to wrest control of the team away from Donald Sterling after his lifetime ban for racist remarks. Full Story
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Louis CK is back and grumpier than ever

Louie, who (like Louis) is a New York comic and a divorced father of two daughters, knows struggle and angst and cloudy wonderment. He views life through eyes with a stricken look, dwelling in a state of comfortable dread. Full Story