University of ColoradoSeveral cases of hand, food and mouth disease reported at CU Boulder

10 diagnosed cases of virus on Boulder campus, 20 to 25 suspected cases
09/26/2016 05:01 PM MDT
The University of Colorado had a small outbreak of hand, foot and mouth disease at the beginning of the semester, but health officials say they believe the worst has passed. 
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Woman fights off attacker in attempted sexual assault near CU Boulder campus
09/25/2016 07:18 AM MDT - University of Colorado police are investigating an attempted sexual assault near Macky Auditorium early this morning after they say a woman fought off an attacker who pulled her to the ground. Full Story

CU Boulder studying workforce housing needs
09/25/2016 08:22 AM MDT - The University of Colorado is working with a consultant to learn more about its employees housing needs. Full Story

City, university taking first steps toward annexation of CU Boulder South
09/26/2016 10:32 AM MDT - Boulder and the University of Colorado are taking the first steps toward annexation of the 300-acre parcel of land known as CU Boulder South. Full Story

CU Boulder students sit in silence, 'say no to rape culture'
09/23/2016 07:15 PM MDT - For 20 minutes on Friday afternoon, students at the University of Colorado sat in silence outside the student center to address sexual violence. Full Story

Boulder teams up with CU Boulder for Heads Up traffic safety campaign
09/23/2016 05:58 PM MDT - Next week, Boulder — in conjunction with the University of Colorado Boulder Police Department — will be stepping up enforcement of traffic laws in locations where motor-vehicle collisions involving cyclists and pedestrians have occurred. Full Story

Record number of CU Boulder students receive Gilman scholarship to study abroad
09/23/2016 09:44 AM MDT - A record number of University of Colorado students were awarded the Benjamin A. Gilman scholarship to study abroad this academic year, according to the university. Full Story

CU Boulder professors want to create hip-hop dance certificate
09/23/2016 01:04 PM MDT - Though students have long subsisted on a steady diet of ballet, jazz and modern dance, they can now get a healthy serving of hip-hop and street dance at the University of Colorado's Boulder campus. Full Story

Take a 96-hour sobriety pledge for CU Boulder's Live Free Weekend
09/21/2016 12:34 AM MDT - The University of Colorado is inviting students and community members to stay sober for 96 hours this weekend to reevaluate their relationships with alcohol, marijuana and other recreational drugs. Full Story

Plastic detergent bottle sparks bomb scare on CU's Boulder campus
09/20/2016 08:57 AM MDT - A plastic detergent bottle found Monday evening near 18th Street and Euclid Avenue at the University of Colorado was deemed harmless after a multi-hour probe by a bomb squad and hazardous materials team. Full Story

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Are car keys a thing of the past?

The furor over General Motors' deadly ignition switch has the potential to doom the car key, a technology drivers have been using for 65 years. Full Story
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Famous bidders lining up to buy Clippers

Billionaires, entertainers and athletes alike announced their intentions to pursue the Los Angeles Clippers with varying degrees of seriousness Wednesday, proving the longtime losers will be quite a prize if the NBA is able to wrest control of the team away from Donald Sterling after his lifetime ban for racist remarks. Full Story
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Louis CK is back and grumpier than ever

Louie, who (like Louis) is a New York comic and a divorced father of two daughters, knows struggle and angst and cloudy wonderment. He views life through eyes with a stricken look, dwelling in a state of comfortable dread. Full Story

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