The University of Colorado track and field program took home 18 victories in the 2019 Jerry Quiller Classic this weekend at Potts Field to open the 2019 outdoor season.

Colorado won six of the men’s events and 12 on the women’s side, posting numerous good season-opener marks.

“Middle March our big hope is to have a meet and then to get some useful informative results from it and that’s about what happened here,” said head coach Mark Wetmore. “I don’t think we got anything here that would end up qualifying for the NCAA Regionals, but we saw a lot of people we haven’t seen in months, in some cases we saw people we haven’t seen in years like Madison Boreman. Overall it was a practical, useful opener.”

One of the best marks of the meet came in the women’s high jump with freshman Kylee Harr clearing 1.75m (5-8.75) to place herself tied for 10th on CU’s best performers list. The freshman, who also competed in the javelin, 100 hurdles and 200, cleared her first four heights on her first attempt, winning the event at 1.70 meters. She cleared the final height on her third attempt before moving on to 1.78 meters.

“That’s a good jump for Kylee,” said Wetmore. “Maybe that’s the first mark of the year that will get into regionals.”


CU picked up four wins by sweeping the hurdle events on the men and women’s sides. Kellen Monestime won both men hurdle races after running 15.69 in the 110 hurdles and 54.69 in the 400 hurdles. Dani Johnson picked up the 100 hurdle win for the Buffs after running 14.19, while Eriana Henderson ran 59.78 to take the 400 victory. CU dominated with the top two hurdlers in the men’s 110, women’s 100 and women’s 400. In the women’s 100 hurdles the Buffs placed first through sixth with four CU women under 15 seconds.

“We won all the hurdles,” said Wetmore. “Burke is developing a nice, strong hurdle program here. There were some good early season times in the hurdles that will certainly come down as we get to better weather and bigger competition. Eriana’s time looks like it will end up by May low 58s or high 57s. Step-by-step, event-by-event, nothing brilliant but good for now in 40 degrees and breezy.”

Another standout performance for Colorado came in the men’s 400. Duane McClurkin Jr. ran away with the win, recording a time of 57.40 as teammate Jon Maas came in second at 57.87.

“47.4 is a nice March Colorado windy day time,” said Wetmore. “He has got to go 45.4 if he wants to do what he hopes for in May.”

The other victory for the men Saturday came in the men’s long jump with Gunner Rigsby jumping 6.56m (21-6.25),

For the women, CU won every running event that athletes were entered in except the women’s 1,500. Maja Wichhart-Donzo won the 200 in 25.18, Samantha Crosmer won the 400 in 58.19 seconds, Karina Mann took the 800 title in 2:12.12 and Holly Bent won the women’s 3,000 by running down teammate Baylee Jones for a time of 10:01.85.

The dominance continued in the throw as Mariah Walker also had a stunning day with wins in the both the women’s shot put and discus. Walker threw 14.64m (48-0.5) in the shot and 42.46m (139-4) in the discus to claim both throwing titles today.



Men’s Hammer Throw: 1. Caleb Penner (CU), 53.72m (176-3); 2. Brock Knechtel (CU), 48.59m (158-5); 7. Tyler Sconce (CU), 43.42m (142-5)

Men’s Javelin: 1. Parker Spearman (AFA), 60.91m (199-10); 7. Henry Carlson (CU), 50.41m (165-5); 9. Josh Farmer (CU), 47.85m (157-0); 10. Wyatt Rhoads (CU), 47.25m (155-0)

Men’s Triple Jump: 1. LaShawn Taylor (AFA), 13.59m (44-7)

Women’s Triple Jump: 1. Cheyenne Cheshier (CU), 11.23m (36-10.25)

Women’s Hammer Throw: 1. Elisa Grandemange (CU), 57.19m (187-7); 5. Mariah Walker (CU), 40.49m (132-10)

Women’s Javelin: 1. Sierra Rodriguez (AFA), 40.11m (131-7); 2. Elisa Grandemange (CU), 38.02m (124-9); 3. Michaela Wenning (CU), 33.88m (111-2); 4. Maja Wichhart-Donzo (CU), 28.85m (94-8); 6. Drianna Mustin (CU), 23.22m (76-2); 7. Kylee Harr (CU), 15.75m (51-8)


Men’s 100: 1. Carter Kuehl (AFA), 11.28

Men’s 200: 1. Terrell Bradford (AFA), 21.23

Men’s 400: 1. Duane McClurkin Jr. (CU), 47.40; 2. Jon Maas (CU), 47.87; 4. Josh Farmer (CU), 49.77

Men’s 800: 1. Gabe Fendal (UNAT-CU), 1:53.81

Men’s 1,500: 1. Tom Rackers (BTC), 3:57.19; 7. Gus Newcomb (CU), 4:06.67; 8. Jonathan Horton (CU), 4:07.63

Men’s 3,000: 1. David Goodman (UNAT), 8:25.86; 4. Paxton Smith (CU), 8:40.54; 6. Alec Hornecker (CU), 8:45.06

Men’s 110H: 1. Kellen Monestime (CU), 15.69; 2. Josh Farmer (CU), 15.81

Men’s 400H: 1. Kellen Monestime (CU), 54.69

Men’s 3,000S: 1. Matt Zacharias (AFA), 10:14.24

Men’s 4x400: 1. Air Force, 3:15.62

Men’s High Jump: 1. Jeremy Cody (CU), 2.00m (6-6.75); 4. Giancarlo Narvarte (CU), 1.90m (6-2.75)

Men’s Pole Vault: 1. Mitch Lipe (AFA), 4.75m (15-7)

Men’s Long Jump: 1. Gunner Rigsby (CU), 6.56m (21-6.25)

Men’s Shot Put: 1. Garrett Coalson (AFA), 14.61m (47-11.25); 3. Tyler Sconce (CU), 13.75m (45-1.5); 8. Wyatt Rhoads (CU), 11.10m (36-5)

Men’s Discus: 1. Logan Feasline (AFA), 51.42m (168-8); 4. Brock Knechtel (CU), 44.53m (146-1); 6. Henry Carlson (CU), 41.91m (137-6); 9. Caleb Penner (CU), 39.75m (130-5); 12. Wyatt Rhoads (CU), 30.62m (100-5)

Women’s 100: 1. Ashley Cameron (AFA), 13.29

Women’s 200: 1. Maja Wichhart-Donzo (CU), 25.18; 2. Drianna Mustin (CU), 25.61; 4. Kylee Harr (CU), 25.80; 5. Michaela Wenning (CU), 26.79

Women’s 400: 1. Samantha Crosmer (CU), 58.19

Women’s 800: 1. Karina Mann (CU), 2:12.12; 4. Madison Boreman (CU), 2:15.22; 5. Annie Hill (CU), 2:16.31

Women’s 1,500: 1. Mahala Norris (AFA), 4:37.11; 3. Olivia Brooks (CU), 4:38.21; 13. Bailey Nock (CU), 5:02.70; Kaleigh Kroeker (CU), 5:16.23

Women’s 3,000: 1. Holly Bent (CU), 10:01.85; 2. Baylee Jones (CU), 10:02.18; 6. Lindsey Koch (CU), 10:14.63; Elizabeth Constien (CU), 10:19.73; Cayla Seligman (CU), 10:41.47; 17. Kate Intile (CU), 11:37.72

Women’s 100H: 1. Dani Johnson (CU), 14.19; 2. Valerie Welch (CU), 14.30; 3. Maja Wichhart-Donzo (CU), 14.71; 4. Kylie Davis (CU), 14.90; 5. Michaela Wenning (CU), 15.21; 6. Drianna Mustin (CU), 15.44; 9. Kylee Harr (CU), 22.09

Women’s 400H: 1. Eriana Henderson (CU), 59.78; 2. Dani Johnson (CU), 1:01.22

Women’s 3,000S: 1. Sydney Hansen (AFA), 12:07.99

Women’s 4x100: 1. Colo. Christian, 52.39

Women’s 4x400: 1. Air Force, 4:10.21

Women’s High Jump: 1. Kylee Harr (CU), 1.75m (5-8.75); 5. Drianna Mustin (CU), 1.60m (5-3)

Women’s Pole Vault: 1. Kathryn Tomczak (AFA), 3.80m (12-5.5)

Women’s Long Jump: 1. Cheyenne Cheshier (CU), 5.22m (17-1.5)

Women’s Shot Put: 1. Mariah Walker (CU), 14.64m (48-0.5)

Women’s Discus: 1. Mariah Walker (CU), 42.46m (139-4)