After beginning the day in first place, Colorado sophomore Isaiah Oliver slipped slightly to a fourth-place finish in the men's decathlon with 7,394 points Sunday at the Pac-12 Combined Events Championships in Corvallis, Ore.

Oliver wasn't the only Buff in the top five, as junior Andrew Ghizzone made a strong finish top take fifth with 6,925 points.

Maja Wichhart-Donzo lead the way for the CU women, finishing with 5,083 points — good enough for an eighth-place finish. Junior Mariah Slack came in 12th with 4,568 points, freshman Drianna Mustin finished 13th with 4,420 points, while junior Michaela Wenning rounded out the day for the Buffs by accumulating 3,937 points to finish 14th.

Oliver started the day much like he finished the first day by breaking school records. In the 110-meter hurdles, Oliver finished second with a school-record time of 14.36 seconds. Ghizzone was right behind him in fifth with a solid time of 15.00 to help him stay within striking distance of the top five.

Following the 110-meters was the discus throw, where Oliver yet again put on a great performance throwing for a distance of 121 feet, 7.75 inches to finish third in the event. While Ghizzone kept pace with a sixth-place finish after recording a distance of 104-11.

It was in the pole vault where Ghizzone made his leap into the top five, where he would stay, winning the event clearing a height of 15-5, taking the event. Oliver finished eighth clearing a height of 12-5 ½ .


Two events remained and Ghizzone had placed himself in position to finish in the top five, while Oliver continued to hunt the top while locking up his own top five finish.

The final field event was the javelin throw and Oliver again lead the way for the Buffs, taking fourth in the event after throwing a distance of 159-1 ¼ . Ghizzone, himself, threw for a distance of 144-3 ¼ giving him a sixth-place finish in the event.

Finally, the 1,500-meters was next, and a solid race from the Buff duo would mean a pair of top five finishes for CU.

Neither Ghizzone or Oliver disappointed, finishing three and four in the race to lock up their top overall finishes. Ghizzone ran the race in 4:32.54, good enough for third, while Oliver came in only seconds behind finishing the race in 4:32.81, which for Oliver meant a fourth-place finish.

When it was all done Colorado had two top five finishes, Oliver in fourth and Ghizzone in fifth, to wrap up a great weekend for the Buff men in the decathlon.

The women only had three events remaining in their final day and it was in the final event, the 800 meters, where the Buffs got their best finish of the weekend.

Slack blazed the competition in the race, finishing with a time of 2:17.47 to win the race easily. She was joined by Mustin, 2:20.39, and Wichhart-Donzo, 2:20.39, whose times earned them a fourth and fifth place finish respectably, only being separated by milliseconds. It gave the Buff women a great finish to the weekend's heptathlon.


2017 Pac-12 Combined Event Championships

May 6, 2017 at Whyte Track and Field Center

Day 2

Men's Decathlon

Total Score: (1. Mitch Modin, Oregon, 7,530); 4. Isaiah Oliver, 7,394; 5. Andrew Ghizzone, 6,925

110-Meter Hurdles: (1. Tyler Brendel, California, 14.25); 2. Oliver, 14.36; 5. Ghizzone, 15.00

Discus: (1. Mitch Modin, Oregon, 124-7.5/37.99); 3. Oliver, 121-7.75/37.08; 6. Ghizzone, 104-11.00/31.98

Pole Vault: t1. Ghizzone, 15-5.00/4.70; 8. Oliver, 12-5.5/3.80

Javelin Throw: (1. Mitch Modin, Oregon, 197-00/60.05); 4. Oliver, 159-1.25/48.50; 6. Ghizzone, 144-3.25/43.98

1,500 Meters: (1. Joe Delgado, Oregon, 4:14.75); 3. Ghizzone, 4:32.54; 4. Oliver, 4:32.81

Women's Heptathlon

Total Score: (1. Alissa Brooks-Johnson, Washington State, 5,638); 8. Maja Wichhart-Donzo, 5,083; 12. Mariah Slack, 4,568; 13. Drianna Mustin, 4,420; 14. Michaela Wenning, 3,937

Long Jump: (1. Kara Hallock, Oregon State, 19-3.75/5.89); 8. Wichhart-Donzo, 18-1.5/5.53; t9. Slack, 17-11.25/5.47; 13. Wenning, 16-6.75/5.05; 14. Mustin, 16-1.5/4.92

Javelin Throw: (1. Monique Van, UCLA, 145-4.25/44.31); 8. Wenning, 107-3.25/32.70; 11. Wichhart-Donzo, 94-11.75/28.95; 13. Mustin, 83-1.00/25.33; 14. Slack, 65-2.25/19.87

800 Meters: 1. Slack, 2:17.47; 4. Mustin, 2:20.39; 5. Wichhart-Donzo, 2:20.39;