With the weather cooperating well enough and many of the program's men and women appear to be entering the season in proper from, the University of Colorado cross country team got off to a promising start as their 2014 campaigns kicked off Saturday morning at the CU Time Trial.

"Each year, the function of this meet is to officially start the racing season," head coach Mark Wetmore said. "But also, it's an opportunity to see who's in shape, who got the work done over the summertime and who needs the next ten weeks to go well.

"The overall take is that the men are in very good condition and have a nice head start on the season. Some of the women are in good shape and a few have some work to do."

The defending national champion men's team captured the top seven spots at the event, with redshirt freshman Adam Peterman being allowed to cross the finish line as the first of five Buffs to finish the 5.8-kilometer race in 25:55. The youngest member of the leading pack has traditionally been given the opportunity to win the event.

"It was awesome," Peterman said about racing in a CU uniform. "It was an honor for the guys to let me take the win, because it's a tradition to let the youngest guy win in the top seven at the time trial. It was awesome to have the guys there with me to pull me through, and lead me to a new personal record on this course."


Senior Jake Hurysz was second (25:55.2), while sophomore Zach Perrin (25:55.4) and senior Morgan Pearson (25:55.7) were third and fourth, respectively. Junior Pierce Murphy (25:55.9) was fifth, junior Ammar (25:56.5) Moussa placed sixth and senior Blake Theroux (26:03.6) was seventh. Junior Connor Winter was just behind that group, placing ninth in 26:41.3.

The women, ranked eighth in the nation heading into the season, also had a solid overall showing. Resdshirt freshman Annie Kelly took the win in 22:05.1, while junior Carriew Verdon was second in 22:05.4. Junior Jenny DeSouchet (22:05.6), freshman Eryn Blakely (22:39.7), and Mandy Ortiz (22:57.7), were the next Buffs to cross, placing third, seventh and ninth, respectively.

"Annie [Kelly] was great," Wetmore said. "She had a wonderful race and is way ahead of a year ago. She definitely had a good summer."

CU will send a small group to compete on Friday, Sept. 5 at the Colorado State Invitational in Fort Collins. The next big meet for the varsity runners is the Rocky Mountain Shootout on October 4.

CU Time Trial

Buffalo Ranch Cross Country Course (Boulder, Colo.)

Women's 5.8-kilometer Results

1.Annie Kelly, Colorado, 22:05.1

2.Carrie Verdon, unattached, 22:05.4

3.Jenny DeSouchet, Colorado, 22:05.6

4.Melanie Nun, unattached, 2:13.4

5.Tabor Scholl, Unattached, 22:27.1

6.Sarah Hutchings, Boulder Track Club, 22:31.9

7.Eryn Blakely, Colorado, 22:39.7

8.Carol Smith, Boulder Track Club, 22:49.3

9.Mandy Ortiz, Colorado, 22:57.7.

10. Shannon White, Unattached, 24:00.4

11.Erin Kelly, Unattached, 24:41.6

12.Olivia Rintala, Colorado, 25:50.6

13.Camille Febvre, Colorado College, 25:58.8.

14. Rebecca Lavietes, Colorado College, 26:00.5

15.Katie Sandfort, Colorado College, 26:05.5

16.Lesia Atkinson, Unattached, 26:06.5

17.Stephenie Scholl, Unattached, 26:08.1

18.Allison Crimmins, Colorado College, 26:15.8

19.Stefani Messick, Colorado College, 26:17.0

20.Beryl Coulter, Colorado College, 26:56.4

21.Jessica Wright, Colorado College, 27:34.7

Men's 8-kilometers Results

1. Adam Peterman, Colorado, 25:55.0

2. Jake Hurysz, Colorado, 25:55.2

3. Zach Perrin, Unattached, 25:55.4

4. Morgan Pearson, Unattached, 25:55.7

5. Pierce Murphy, Colorado, 25:55.9

6. Ammar Moussa, Colorado, 25:56.5

7. Blake Theroux, Colorado, 26:03.6

8. Lee Troop, Boulder Track Club, 26:03.7

9. Connor Winter, Colorado, 26:41.3

10. Christian Martin, Unattached, 27:11.0

11. Curtis Begley, Boulder Track Club, 27:49.7

12. Tobias Albrigtsen, Unattached, 28:36.4

13. Graham Frank, Colorado College, 28:41.4

14. Tyler Scholl, Unattached. 28:44.4

15. Charles Lucero, Unattached, 29:01.2

16. Conor Terhune, Colorado College, 29:26.4

17. Tucker Hampson, Colorado College, 29:41.6

18. Joey Schultz, Unattached, 29:49.2

19. Jacob Rothman, Colorado College, 29:57.1

20. Andy Boyle, Unattached, 30:10.3

21. Bradley Ziegler, Unattached, 30:34.0

22. Ryan Faulkner, Unattached, 31:21.4

23. Ryan Bing, Colorado College, 31:39.4

24. Ezra Coopersmith, Colorado College, 32:04.7

25. Andrew Armiger, Unattached, 33:17.2

26. Steven Moses, Unattached, 34:16.2

27. Shawn Scholl, Unattached, 35:31.2

28. Dan Palken, Unattached, 36:59.0

29. Dave Derdeyn, Unattached, 46:59.5

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