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Rooney: With or without NIT bid, CU basketball needs to shoot for 2020 Big Dance

03/16/2019 08:37 PM MDT
There might still be games to play this season for the Colorado men's basketball team. 
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Rooney: Though he's longshot to win, Tad Boyle deserving of Pac-12 Coach of the Year
03/09/2019 08:03 PM MST - I admit it. I committed a journalistic faux pas earlier this season. The crime in question occurred at the end of a miserable night for the Colorado Buffaloes in Tempe, Ariz. Full Story

Rooney: Beleaguered Pac-12 basketball should still provide entertaining tourney
03/02/2019 06:48 PM MST - It took all of about 10 seconds for the rest of the college basketball world to take to the Twitterverse a few nights ago to pile it on the reeling Pac-12 Conference. Full Story

Rooney: Playing in pain, McKinley Wright gutting it out for CU Buffs
02/23/2019 11:59 PM MST - It is becoming a painful matter of routine. McKinley Wright staggers off the court for the Colorado men's basketball team, grimacing while favoring his left arm. Full Story

Rooney: Tad Boyle's extension, raise debatable; passion is not
02/17/2019 03:55 PM MST - Tad Boyle couldn't contain his emotions. Colorado basketball fans are well within their rights to debate the merit of the perpetual five-year contract the leader of the CU basketball program works under thanks to athletic director Rick George's annual invoking of the contract's automatic one-year extension. Full Story

Rooney: Anything possible for CU basketball in wildly mediocre Pac-12
02/10/2019 06:11 AM MST - LOS ANGELES — Does anybody besides Washington actually want to win the Pac-12 Conference this winter? Full Story

Rooney: Tad Boyle takes long view in Tyler Bey decision against OSU
02/04/2019 11:04 AM MST - If the decision hasn't already been made, Tad Boyle soon will face a difficult choice. At what point in what quickly is unraveling into a lost season for the Colorado men's basketball team does the head coach take the long view, perhaps sacrificing immediate rewards in hopes of furthering the development of a young core upon which Boyle has gambled the future of his program? Full Story

Rooney: Vanishing depth forcing CU hoops to reassess goals
01/26/2019 06:36 PM MST - SAN FRANCISCO — As the Colorado men's basketball team traveled to Arizona earlier this month for its Pac-12-opening series at Arizona and Arizona State, head coach Tad Boyle had a sinking feeling things just might get worse before it could get better. Full Story

Rooney: Opportunities still await reeling, injury-riddled CU basketball
01/20/2019 10:24 AM MST - His team had just trudged off the CU Events Center floor on the heels of another lost opportunity, this time a 77-70 loss last week in a very winnable game against Washington, one of the few squads roundly considered a favorite in the struggling Pac-12 Conference. Full Story

Rooney: Tad Boyle extension made with big picture in mind
01/13/2019 01:01 AM MST - Tad Boyle has turned into a polarizing figure for fans of Colorado basketball. For some, the leader of the CU men's program will always be the coach who led the Buffaloes to previously unseen heights, a run that included the 2012 Pac-12 Conference tournament championship and four NCAA Tournament appearances in five seasons between 2012 and 2016. Full Story

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Are car keys a thing of the past?

The furor over General Motors' deadly ignition switch has the potential to doom the car key, a technology drivers have been using for 65 years. Full Story
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Famous bidders lining up to buy Clippers

Billionaires, entertainers and athletes alike announced their intentions to pursue the Los Angeles Clippers with varying degrees of seriousness Wednesday, proving the longtime losers will be quite a prize if the NBA is able to wrest control of the team away from Donald Sterling after his lifetime ban for racist remarks. Full Story
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Louis CK is back and grumpier than ever

Louie, who (like Louis) is a New York comic and a divorced father of two daughters, knows struggle and angst and cloudy wonderment. He views life through eyes with a stricken look, dwelling in a state of comfortable dread. Full Story