The Pac-12 Conference is launching its own task force to develop reform proposals in the wake of a federal bribery investigation that includes an assistant coach from USC.

Commissioner Larry Scott expects the 10 to 12 members on his task force "to address issues that are threatening the integrity of collegiate athletics and to protect our student-athletes."

He named the first five members Thursday during the Pac-12's men's basketball media day - a day after the NCAA announced a commission to study the inner workings of college basketball amid the scandal.

Initial members of the Pac-12 Task Force include Pac-12 athletic directors Dan Guerrero and Chris Hill, both of whom have extensive experience on the NCAA men's basketball committee, where Guerrero served as chair; former basketball coach Mike Montgomery who is also serving on the NCAA Commission on College Basketball; former football student-athlete, NFL player, and FOX Sports analyst Charles Davis; and highly respected administrator Tom Jernstedt.

USC coach Andy Enfield said all his players are practicing as the investigation continues. He has been instructed not to speak about the investigation.

Trojans assistant Tony Bland was one of three assistant coaches charged in the alleged bribery scheme. Bland is on administrative leave.