Stanford head coach David Shaw and one of his star players have had scary experiences with Colorado's mascot, Ralphie.

Shaw was a freshman at Stanford when the Cardinal played at CU in 1990. During his press conference with Stanford writers this week, he told the story of his first run-in with Ralphie:

"I would refer to it as my most terrifying experience as an athlete," Shaw said. "Back in the day the cage used to be right outside the locker room. This was my first game. I was really excited. We come out of the locker room, and for some reason, I want to be the first guy out. They open the locker room doors, I step out, turn toward the field. I look out on the field here comes this Volkswagen with horns just dragging these human beings, and she seems to be running right at me.

"My natural instinct is to go back in the locker room, but I have 79 other guys coming out of the locker room. So, I'm trying to go back in, and they're all coming out. It's probably 20 yards away, but it feels like five feet away, where they finally turned it into her cage. I don't think my heart stopped pounding until the ball was kicked off. To see a large, large fast animal coming right at you, it was very nerve-wracking. I'll be staying in the locker room until she's in her cage this week."

Stanford running back Christian McCaffrey knows how scary it can be, too. He told a story this week about his mother, Lisa, have a close encounter with Ralphie.

"I think I was a sophomore in high school and I took a visit up to CU and it was our first visit to a school," McCaffrey said.


"We were on the field and everything and she was just blind, standing on the field, clueless to what was going on."

He said someone pulled his mom away from the sidelines and out of harm's way.

"The buffalo almost trampled her," McCaffrey said. "It was scary, but looking back it's really funny."

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