Brett Brady hasn't played much during his CU career. Ten games, to be exact, over the past two seasons. Yet the senior from Highlands Ranch wouldn't trade his time on CU's bench for any other college basketball experience.

Q: What's the challenge of keeping your focus and giving your teammates good looks in practice every day when you know you aren't going to play much?

Brady: It's very hard. You have to stay ready on your own. Try to stay in shape and stay ready when you're on the sideline so that you can go in and actually play well when you get out there.

Q: What do you want to get out of your senior season?

Brady: I'd love for the team to be successful and possibly win the Pac-12. Hopefully we'll make the NCAA tournament.

Q: Have you ever had second thoughts or regrets about potentially going to a smaller school where you might have started?

Brady: I would've loved to play, but I also love being a Buff and being a part of this team and helping us to be successful.

Q: You're set to graduate with a degree in applied mathematics. What's next for you?

Brady: I'm looking to get an internship over the summer. But I actually have another year of eligibility and I could possibly come back. It's kind of depending on how getting a job goes. Ideally, I'd love to be a college student for another year and play basketball and just enjoy my time. Right now, I'm still not completely sure. I'd still like to do something with basketball. I don't know exactly what that would be now. Other than that, I'm looking at areas of finance and stuff like that.


Q: After having a front-row seat to Pac-12 basketball for four years, might coaching be in your future?

Brady: I've thought about that. I don't know if I'd want to do coaching that much. I'd more prefer doing skill development, doing that kind of coaching instead of actually running a team.

Q: Do you have any non-sports hobbies you like to spend time on?

Brady: Not really. Basketball kind of is my life. I focus on that. When I'm not here, I'm playing over at the rec.

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