First-year Colorado coach Mike MacIntyre has not yet reached a point where he's losing sleep over the Buffs' first opponent, Colorado State.

MacIntyre said the thing that wakes him up in the middle of the night as the start of fall camp approaches is his practice schedule. He's been over it and over it numerous times and will probably revise it a few more times in the coming days in an effort to maximize his team's time and the number of repetitions he can get his players.

MacIntyre said he plans to use five two-a-day practices, which is about the maximum he can fit into camp. NCAA rules prohibit two-a-days on any of the first five days of practice and at any time after classes begin. Two-a-days are also prohibited on back-to-back days. That leaves about two weeks for two-a-days.

"The last couple will be dictated on injuries and how we go," MacIntyre said. "...I don't plan on cutting any out cause I think we're going to need em all. They're spaced out far enough and the last two-a-day is far enough away from the first game that our legs will be able to recover."

MacIntyre said one full day of two-a-day practices will be dedicated almost entirely to special teams work. The Buffs report on Aug. 5 and begin fall camp in Aug. 6. CU opens the season against CSU in Denver on Sept. 1 at 4 p.m.

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