One of the lasting memories of Colorado's latest coaching change will forever be the dozens of players who stood in the back of the room on Nov. 26 and watched their beloved head coach, Jon Embree, sit in front of the media and talk about being fired.

In general, the Buffs were upset to see their leader let go after a disappointing 1-11 season.

On Monday afternoon, two weeks after Embree's final press conference, the players walked out of a meeting with new head coach Mike MacIntyre and insisted they were ready to look to the future.

"We all loved (Embree) so much and we'll always have a place in our hearts for that guy," freshman quarterback Shane Dillon said. "He brought us through and took us through all of that. We all love him, we care about him and we'll stay in touch with him. But, I do think we're all ready to move forward."

Being in limbo for two weeks was an emotional roller coaster for the players, but sophomore quarterback Connor Wood agreed with Dillon. Having a new leader has given the Buffs a renewed energy.

"There might be some lingering guys here (still upset about Embree being gone), but I think that for the most part, it's been two weeks and guys are upset about the whole deal, but ready to move on," Wood said. "That's how life goes. There's going to be changes, so guys are embracing it."

MacIntyre's initial meeting with the players, on Monday afternoon, left a good impression on those he'll coach in 2013.

"I like him," defensive end Chidera Uzo-Diribe said. "He's an intense guy, you can tell, real passionate about football. I like what I'm hearing from him."


Junior linebacker Derrick Webb said MacIntyre gave the Buffs a lot of stats to indicate what he's done in turning around the San Jose State program. Included in those stats were some great individual achievements from Spartans defenders.

"Things like that always catch my ear," Webb said. "I always want to be that guy. It'll be fun.

"I've got a good impression of him so far. He seemed like a guy who comes in with a lot of goals and a lot of purpose."

Players seemed particularly impressed with MacIntyre's bottom line. He turned San Jose State from a one-win team in 2010 to a 10-win team in 2012. They're hoping he does the same for CU, and most players appeared ready to buy in.

"He's going to bring in whoever he's going to bring in (for the coaching staff) and we've got to rally behind it," quarterback Jordan Webb said. "What it comes down to is playing for each other, playing for our teammates."

Future Buffs are eager to see what MacIntyre brings to the program, as well. CU has 12 verbal commits for the class of 2013 and they have been playing a waiting game during the past two weeks. Now, the homework begins as they learn about a new coach.

"I'm definitely excited to have a coach there and excited about him," said Sam Kronshage, an offensive lineman from The Woodlands, Texas.

Receiver Devin Ross, from Mission Hills, Calif., has been wavering on his commitment to CU because of the Buffs' poor season and unsteady coaching situation. With MacIntyre in place, Ross said, "I have to do some research on him because I don't really know anything about him."

Like Kronshage, Ross is planning to take an official visit to CU in January.

Another receiver, Elijah Dunston of West Hills, Calif., said he's more excited about CU now.

"I know their offense is going to be real high powered," he said. "It's something new for Colorado and something new for the program."

Dunston has been recruited by MacIntyre at San Jose State, but said he doesn't know him as well as he knew Embree.

"I'm definitely looking forward to finding out more about him," Dunston said.

So are the current Buffs. But, the first impression was a good one and many of them sounded as if the 2013 season can't arrive soon enough.

"Guys are fired up about a new day and a new attitude," Wood said.

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