Kyle Ringo
Kyle Ringo

The University of Colorado should hire Coach Mac to lead its football program. Make that Coach Mac part two.

No, this isn't me advocating exhuming legendary coach Bill McCartney from retirement. CU should, at the very least, take a nice long look at San Jose State coach Mike MacIntyre and find out what has enabled him to build a 10-game winner out of a program that has so often struggled over the years.

And CU better act quick because MacIntyre is reportedly ready to interview at South Florida.

The Buffs were turned down by Cincinnati coach Butch Jones on Thursday after a courtship that lasted more than a week. CU officials thought Jones was a "fit" for the program and the Boulder community but there were always holes in his résumé and legitimate reasons to question why they thought he was the man for the job.

I honestly can't tell you what Butch Jones has done that makes him worth the $2.7 million a year CU offered him. He's won a share of the Big East Conference title the past two years, but that is universally considered the weakest of the big six conferences and Jones has benefited from having a team stocked with players recruited by his predecessor and current Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly.

Those are some nice coattails to be riding.

What we do know about Jones from the past week is he is a bit childish.

The man hid behind a food warmer on his visit to CU to avoid having his picture taken even though the whole world knew he was here interviewing. He threatened to end a press conference if reporters asked him where he intended to coach next season.


Really coach? You get to fly around the country and interview for three or four different jobs a year and no one gets to ask you about it. Give me a break.

The latest Jones rumor is that he might end up as coach of the Tennessee Volunteers. Good luck in the Southeastern Conference. Maybe it's a better fit. No one will ever convince me he was the right man for the rebuilding job here.

MacIntyre's résumé has fewer holes in areas you would suppose must be important to Colorado officials.

Unlike Jones, he has proven he can turn around a struggling program. The Spartans were 2-10 the year before he took the job.

Unlike Jones, he has a recruiting network on the West Coast.

Unlike Jones, he has coached both sides of the ball and in the NFL.

MacIntyre appears to have built the Spartans the right way without taking shortcuts. There are a handful of junior college players on his roster, but the overwhelming majority of his players came to San Jose State from high schools. It's not a program that was built with Band-Aids and quick fixes.

That is important because it is how it will have to be done here.

Two years ago San Jose State finished 1-12 in MacIntyre's first season. Last season it improved to 5-7 and this year it is 10-2 and will play Bowling Green in the Military Bowl on Dec. 27 in Washington D.C.

San Jose State doesn't play in the toughest league in the nation and MacIntyre doesn't have head coaching experience at the BCS level, but his team beat some pretty good opponents this season.

The Spartans have wins on their résumé over San Diego State, Brigham Young and Louisiana Tech. All three of those opponents had strong seasons. The Spartans only lost to Stanford by three points.

It has been nearly two weeks since CU fired former coach Jon Embree. The school badly needs to get this hire right. So fans should be as patient as possible to allow that to happen, but this search can't go on much longer or CU runs the risk of completely wasting an entire recruiting class.

College football is in MacIntyre's blood. He has spent his life around the game as the son of a former college football coach. Something just sounds right about Coach Mac in Boulder.

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