Ryan Thorburn, Camera Sports Writer
Ryan Thorburn, Camera Sports Writer ( PAUL AIKEN )

There wasn't much hope or change on election day at the Dal Ward Center.

Most casual Colorado fans waved the white flag on the 2012 campaign after the Sacramento State game.

Even hardcore Buffs supporters had trouble stomaching the first quarters at Fresno State, USC and Oregon.

The early November exit polls did not look good for Jon Embree as most of the crowd at Folsom Field streamed out of the stadium in the middle of CU's 48-0 loss to Stanford.

Despite a grim five-game losing streak in which the Buffs have been outscored 219-37, the only notable change this week is under center.

Either Nick Hirschman or Connor Wood will be breaking the huddle.

The quarterback who consistently outshines the others in practice, Jordan Webb, will get to watch Saturday's game at Arizona from one of the rearranged deck chairs on this Titanic.

"Jordan has won the competitions every week," Embree said after making the announcement on Tuesday. "We just want to get a different look at some guys."

The bad news for Hirschman and Wood is that Paul Richardson still isn't going to be on the field making his teammates better until spring drills.

The good news is the Wildcats just gave up 66 points to UCLA. And the counterpart quarterback, Matt Scott, might not play due to a concussion.

So there is actually a chance the Buffs can ... cover the 301/2 points.


If only Embree's team would show up on game day the way it competes at such a high level behind the closed gates of the CU practice fields.

Or so the story goes.

"The way we practice, you'd think we were one of the best teams in the country," junior defensive end Chidera Uzo-Diribe said.

Something is obviously getting lost in translation between the coaches and the players. Clearly, this is one of many issues Embree is going to have to address with his young team over the winter.

By the way, there is no debate: CU is not making a change at head coach.

Stop making your wish-lists of candidates. There isn't going to be an opening.

That doesn't mean there won't be changes on Embree's staff. Statistically speaking, that's a no-brainer.

The Buffs are 122nd nationally in scoring offense (16.1 ppg) and 124th (last) in scoring defense (46.2 ppg).

We're still waiting impatiently for Eric Bieniemy to establish a running game and for a CU wide receiver to get separation from a Pac-12 cornerback.

Greg Brown's defense might have some trouble stopping the elite teams in the 5A playoff bracket.

One loyal and disgruntled fan suggested to me that if CU had to open the 2013 season at Sacramento State, the Buffs would be underdogs.

It's hard to argue the point. This team would have trouble beating anyone.

Buffs fans should send Christmas cards to Pullman, Wash., c/o Mike Leach.

Bruce Benson, Phil DiStefano and Mike Bohn can only hope a strong and productive offseason for the floundering football program -- installation of a spread offense? Shane Dillon at quarterback? The return of P-Rich and Jeffrey Thomas? Yuri Wright, Kenneth Crawley, Josh Tupou and others emerging as defensive stars? -- leads to dramatic change on the scoreboard next fall.

A three-and-out for Embree would be difficult for CU to recover from.

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