During the stretch run of the 2011-12 season, a new Brittany Wilson emerged for the Colorado women's basketball team.

She was driving lane, getting to the line, hitting from the outside and being the all-around player CU needed.

During the first 29 games of the season, Wilson averaged 8.1 points per game while sinking just 33.5 percent of her shots and getting to the free-throw line just 1.6 times per game. In the last six, she averaged 13.7 points on 42.2 percent shooting and 3.7 free throws per game.

"This coaching staff and me, we always knew I had it," said Wilson, a 5-foot-7 guard. "My problem is, I started from outside-in. Once I started to go from the inside out, it boosted my confidence a lot and I was just a lot more comfortable, I was making better decisions, I wasn't turning the ball over so much, I was getting to the free-throw line. Everything was that much better."

CU head coach Linda Lappe works with Brittany Wilson during practice last week.
CU head coach Linda Lappe works with Brittany Wilson during practice last week. ( CLIFF GRASSMICK )

Throughout much of the season, CU struggled to find a scorer to complement standout point guard Chucky Jeffery. It wasn't until Wilson changed her mentality and started attacking the rim more that CU finally got it.

Wilson had posted big games, but never with the consistency that she displayed at the end of the year. Going into this season, the Buffs are hoping Wilson picks up where she left off in March.

"She has the potential to do that for sure," Buffs head coach Linda Lappe said. "I like the fact that she can score in a lot of different ways. She's not just one dimensional. She's explosive, so she can get by quick defenders and make plays for other people."


Colorado is confident it has better weapons this season, and a more experienced Wilson might be one of its most dangerous.

"We just have to get another consistent scorer," she said. "If it's me, that's fine. I'm more than capable of taking on that role and I will do so."

Following her strong finish to the season, Wilson went home to Long Beach, Calif., and had a great summer. She spent countless hours working with her twin sister, Ashley, who is also a key guard for the Buffs. Jeffery also spent a good chunk of the summer with the twins in California.

"Me and Ashley play a ton of one-on-one," Wilson said. "We know each others moves. Us playing one-on-one, it forces us to create something on the go. We play so much one-on-one, if you don't have another move, you won't win. We will attack each other's weakness."

In addition to being a consistent scoring threat, the Buffs are looking at Wilson to give Jeffery some relief at point guard. Although more comfortable at shooting guard, Wilson did back up Jeffery at the point last year and feels better in that role now.

"I'm so comfortable at the point guard now, it's to the point where if I need to play that, that's fine," she said. "I've gotten a lot more comfortable handling the ball, handling the defense."

Eventually, Lappe would like true freshman Ky Weston to grab a hold of that backup role, but knowing Wilson has the ability to play multiple positions is a comfort to the Buffs.

It's also a comfort knowing Wilson has displayed an ability to be a legitimate scoring threat on a consistent basis.

"Her overall knowledge for everything that's going on and where everybody needs to be is getting better," Lappe said. "Still not where we'd like it to be, but it'll get there.

"I feel like she has more confidence going into her junior year. She's played a lot of games in her first two years and her confidence level is much better than it was in both of her first two years."

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