Question: Outside of Jon Major, Doug Rippy, and Derrick Webb what linebacker do you peg to get the most snaps this season? Obvious answer seems to be Brady Daigh with Rippy being eased back in, but the MIKE comes out in the Buff's Nickel packages and Kyle Washington and Paul Vigo both had about the same number of snaps as Daigh in Week 1... toss up? I liked what I saw out of Washington in the 4-2-5. -- Dan

Kyle's answer: I'd still go with Daigh. Coaches are really excited about his development. Washington and Vigo play behind Derrick Webb, who is probably the best linebacker on the team right now. Woodson Greer seemed to be the best young linebacker on the team at times late last season. Not sure what happened with him. He only played six snaps in the opener and wasn't listed on the injury report.

Question: So after Week 1 what's your take on how the defense will perform this season compared to last year's awful display? I actually liked much of what I saw (definitely can see the talent improvement with Crawley, Mosely, & Wright in the secondary), but man are the mental breakdowns still evident. You'd expect that with the newbies, but the funny thing was, it was the veterans as much as anybody (on CSU's two big plays in particular). Major, Rippy, Terrell Smith, cmon vets! Even Orms with the costly personal foul. What gives? -- Dan


Kyle's answer: I'm expecting the Buffs to be dramatically better over the course of the season on defense than they were a year ago. The defense will only get better as the freshmen get more experience. You're right about the mental breakdowns in Week 1 from the veterans. It's hard to explain how that happens, but that sort of thing has been happening around here for years now and it's a big reason why the Buffs keep losing so many games and failing to reach the postseason.

Question: Does Embree know that he put himself squarely in spotlight shared by really bad coaches? With those ill-advised time outs at end of second quarter and the fourth down call, he will soon be running out of supporters. -- Jim

Kyle's answer: I'm sure they would like a do-over with the fourth-down call or better execution of the play they did call. Sometimes you make calls and the players execute well and you look like a genius. Other times, not so much. I'm of the opinion that CU has to be able to get a yard on the ground when it needs one against a team like CSU. Until that mentality returns, the Buffs will continue to struggle. There were some clock management issues in the opener that can't continue to happen.

Question: I have come down the ladder of many CU Buff fans and alums, starting with my grandparents. I have been to almost every home game (and many away) since I was born. I am from Northern Colorado, and love the CU/CSU game because it actually means something to me, considering I am a Buff, but from CSU territory. This is a conspiracy I have had for years, and I can't help but think there is a bit of truth to it, especially after just watching Embree's interview yesterday on Is the CU/CSU game rigged by the state or the schools so it appears to be "fair" and not lopsided? I mean, I guess I can give the Rams SOME credit if it's every once in awhile if they beat us barely -- but in all honesty, we should never lose this game. And I mention this, because it seems like there is a pretty even steven 2-1 (buffs 2) ratio goin on here consistently, which is kind of mind boggling. Then, when I just watched Embree's interview, it made me think this even more! He seems so "nonchalant" about Saturday and even said that if we lose the first game, it's not the end of the season. He was not excited at all -- almost as if because he knows they are going to lose because they HAVE to (rigged). There is something about the way he answered every CSU question that just bothered me. He was respectful which is great, but he basically said in other words, that CSU is going to win (which is complete garbage). CU's talent kills CSU's right now, esp after their terrible recruiting class this past year (and having to walk around campus getting big guys to join). I mean, I really think this game is rigged. Anyone else!?!??! (all, so little brother, CSU up North doesn't cry). -- Laine

Kyle's answer: Uh, no.