Those who watched Anne Stuller play soccer in high school are used to seeing her shine.

Her recent run of success, though, has felt like a long time coming for the Colorado junior.

Stuller has scored six goals in the first four games for the Buffs (3-0-1), posting three two-goal games already.

"I'm having a lot of fun," she said. "To be honest, I love scoring goals. I'm so lucky that I've been able to. This is the most fun I've ever had playing soccer."

A 2010 graduate of Fairview High School, she scored 50 goals during her prep career, including 21 in a single season. Highly decorated as a prep and the Class 5A player of the year her senior year, Stuller has had to wait longer than she hoped to generate the same firepower in college.

As a freshman in 2010, she missed most of the season with mono. She finished with one goal in limited playing time. Last year, she was the co-leader for the Buffs, but with just four goals as the team struggled all year, going 4-13-2.

"It was a tough two years for me soccer-wise," she said.

Now as a junior, Stuller said she's simply more experienced and has figured out what to do. She's already increased her career goal total from five to 11 -- just two shy of breaking into CU's all-time top-10 list.

"I picked up a lot of good things (last year) and I got comfortable with college," she said. "And then, (new coach Danny Sanchez) has just been great working with me. We've worked on offense a lot this year, just finishing opportunities."


So far, six of her eight shots on goal have gone in. Overall, she's taken 16 shots, scoring at a rate of 37.5 percent. All six goals have come in different ways, which is a testament to Stuller's ability to put herself in good positions.

"That's the biggest skill I've developed is knowing where to be," she said. "You have to have a knack for where to be. It's a lot of luck sometimes, too."

Maybe so, but the Buffs are hoping the luck continues. Sanchez would like to see some other players get in the act, though. Stuller has six of the team's seven goals.

Nikki Machalek, a freshman from Fairview, has the other goal, while defender Amy Barczuk is second on the team with six shots.

"The big picture for us is we need to find other options because (Stuller) is not going to score two goals every game," Sanchez said. "She's off to a great start, but she's going to hit a little lull at some point."

Even if Stuller hits a lull, Sanchez expects the junior to continue playing at a high level.

"The good thing about Stuller is she's always working hard and she's going to put herself in position to score even if she's not on," Sanchez said.

The Buffs' next game is Sunday at Northwestern.

Fribbs refines game

Derek Fribbs was a busy man this summer. A senior on the Colorado men's golf team, he played nearly every day after going through a swing change.

"It's finally starting to kick in," he said. "Once everything comes together it should be pretty good."

Fribbs has been through a swing change before, but said, "This one was pretty big, but I had all summer to work on it."

Last years, Fribbs was third on the team with a 73.71 stroke average over 34 rounds. He had four top-20 finishes. Now a senior, Fribbs is looking to not only help the Buffs, he also has his eyes on the future.

"Senior year is just one step to the rest of my career," he said. "It had to happen. I feel like I worked pretty hard to get ready for the season. I think I'm ready."

CU opens the fall season on Sept. 4 at the Ballyneal Challenge in Holyoke.

Eye on the Olympics

Katie Hartman recently completed her stellar career with the Colorado ski team. Now, the Breckenridge native is setting her sights on Sochi, Russia, the site of the 2014 Winter Olympics.

"It became a realistic goal when I was about 17 and I was traveling with the team," said Hartman, a former member of the U.S. junior team.

"I always thought school was really important, too, so I decided to go to school. Even throughout school, I made criteria for the U.S. Ski Team, but due to going to school, they thought that was my No. 1 priority."

Because the U.S. Ski Team is limited in its funding, it could not support Hartman. So, Hartman is trying to raise the money herself. She said she has to raise about $50,000 to give herself a realistic change at Sochi. She's also hoping that at some point, the U.S. Ski Team will recognize her commitment and bring her into the fold.

"I'm hoping this year and next year they'll see that this is my No. 1 priority and it has been," she said.

To learn more about Hartman or to sponsor her, visit her web site,

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