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This week the new starting quarterback is on some minds.

Question: Jordan Webb being named starting QB, I think that Webb is more of a "dink and dunk" QB than the other two guys. It also looks as if we don't have the down field receiving threat that others have. Do you think these two facts are related? That is, if we had a few deep WR threats out there, would Embree then be more likely to name one of the other two guys as starter? Jim, Denver

Kyle's answer: Thanks for the question Jim. Webb was named the starter because he played better and showed more command of the offense and the huddle in the first 10 days of fall camp. It's really that simple. Webb can throw the deep ball just fine and he should have some speed to throw the ball to in Gerald Thomas and Jeffrey Thomas (suspended for the first two games) if Paul Richardson is not able to play right away or at all this season.

Trust me on this, if CU coaches didn't think one of their quarterbacks was capable of making every throw necessary, that player either wouldn't be on the roster or he would be moved to a new position. So the idea that they don't think Webb can throw the long ball is nowhere near accurate.


Question: With all the discussions about the PAC-12 network, I'm wondering if university website (cubuffs.com) will still be allowed to show the home game replays. Will the PAC-12 network show game replays on its web site (or other)? (I'm basically wondering how I can watch the Buff football games without receiving satellite service). Steve

Kyle's answer: Good question Steve. I know a lot of folks are wondering how to see the Buffs when it comes to the new network. The Pac-12 Network does plan to show replays during the week. It plans to do so even with games that are first aired on ESPN and FOX. So as long as you get the network, you should be fine. The school's official website should still be able to provide replays as well, but I'm not sure if those will be immediately available of if there will be some delay.

Question: Do you think any of our seniors, namely Polk, Major, and Rippy, have a shot at being drafted by the NFL next Spring?

Kyle's answer: Yes, yes and yes, is the short answer. I think all of those guys have the ability to play at the next level and each will get an opportunity unless something strange happens during their senior season. I don't necessarily see one of them as being clearly better than the other two and being considered a much better prospect right now. I guess if I had to choose one guy, it would be Polk. Plus, Major and Rippy have both suffered major knee injuries in their careers. NFL folks are always concerned about that even if it happened years ago.

I also believe Nick Kasa can play his way into being signed as a free agent next spring if nothing else. And I will say that Ryan Dannewitz might be able to do the same if he can get healthy and stay healthy and play well.