This week we tackle questions about former Kansas quarterback Jordan Webb transferring to CU, which side of the ball is having a better spring and what CU player's jersey Kyle would wear if attending a Buffs' game as a fan.

Question: Any news on the format for Spring game? Real game, simulated scrimmage or situational sets? Are the new video boards going to be installed in time for the Spring game? -- Mick


Kyle's answer: Mick, thanks for the questions. The new video boards will not be ready for the spring game but they are scheduled to be operational for every home game in 2012.

Here is what CU sports information director Dave Plati said about the format for the spring game:

"The format at present, due to injuries on the defensive line, will be a standard offense versus defense scrimmage (1's vs. 1's, 2's vs. 2's, 1's vs. 2's, 3's vs. 3's, etc). There will likely be quarters, or at least halves; with the smaller roster and injuries, the team scrimmaged minimally this spring (three short sessions instead of extended ones). This year's spring game will be the second in a row at night, and will start at 5 p.m. and take place at Folsom Field. There will be an alumni flag football game at 3:30, also on the stadium floor."



Question: If the Buffs do in fact sign QB Jordan Webb, will he immediately go on scholarship? I ask because Connor Wood did not for his first term at CU. Seems like there are a few walk-ons who deserve it more. -- Jim

Kyle's answer: Jim, I can't imagine Webb would come to CU unless he was going to be on scholarship. He has been talking with other programs and does have other opportunities. Wood's circumstances were more about the timing of his arrival than anything else. CU coaches had already awarded all their scholarships for the fall semester when he joined the program. I'm sure there are some walk-ons worthy of a scholarship, but if having a quarterback on the roster who actually has some measurable college experience is important enough to add Webb in the first place, then he has to get a scholarship first.

Question: The quotes from the coaches and players during the spring practices seem to indicate that the defense and offense are playing relatively evenly. This surprises me given the lack of defensive linemen and defensive backs. Do you have a sense of which unit is doing better? -- Steve

Kyle's answer: Steve, defense is almost always ahead of offense in the spring with every program every year. It's just the nature of football with offense being so much about timing and quarterbacking. There are some exceptions here and there and this spring at CU might be one of them. It has been my impression, as well, that things have been pretty even from what coaches and players have said, but we have to remember that coaches are purposely taking it easy on the defense because the depth just isn't there on that side of the ball. If the defense had to endure one of those marathon scrimmages Dan Hawkins used to have during the spring, it would be scary, again, because of the lack of depth.

Question: Jeremy Adams looks like he is built more for football than basketball. Has Embree noticed? -- Jim

Kyle's answer: Can't say that I've asked that question Jim. I don't think Embree is thinking he is going to find a player on Tad Boyle's roster who could be a difference maker for his team this fall. At least I hope he isn't thinking that. If he was, this program is in big trouble. I think you make a valid point about Jeremy Adams' athleticism. He does look like he could play college football, but it's probably in everyone's best interest if he sticks to hoops. After all, Boyle is going to need Adams to be more of a leader in the future.


Question: Very excited about the Buffs this fall. Looking forward to much improvement from the team in Embree's second year. Do you have any idea what player number they will be featuring for fan apparel? The past few years have been #7 (yikes), #1 (throwback), #94 (throwback) and #5. I would love to see them feature a senior Major (#31), Polk (#26), Pericak (#83) to name a few. Major is Colorado born, a fan favorite and team captain so he makes the most sense. Pericak coming from Boulder would be cool too. If you came to Folsom, to just watch a game as a fan, and had to wear a jersey, whose would you wear? -- Bob


Kyle's answer: I think you make some great suggestions, Bob. Hard to argue with any of those choices. Connor Wood is No. 5 this year. I think Paul Richardson's No. 6 would be a very popular choice. Douglas Rippy's No. 2 ought to be in there as well. I've always thought that CU should keep the jersey's of its five College Football Hall of Fame members in stock at all times. If I had the option, I guess I'd have to wear a Byron "Whizzer" White No. 24 jersey. Hard to beat a Hall of Famer and a Supreme Court Justice in one.