Question: What do you think of the Buffs switching recruit Clay Norgard from defense, where he has excelled, to Fullback, where he has never played? It sounds like something Hawkins would do. -- Jim Fainter

Kyle's answer: Jim, It happens all the time in college football. Players end up at positions they weren't recruited to play. And the premise of your question isn't correct. Norgard did play a little fullback for his high school team this season. Here is a quote from him in a recent story. "I played fullback in high school some. I know how to block and I think my speed from linebacker will carry over."

Question: I was wondering how we have moved up so far in our recruitment ranking when most of our current commitments are two and some three star kids. When you look at who we have recruited against for those commitments, the schools that had offered most of them are not high caliber football programs. There are always diamonds in the rough and undiscovered talents, but it seems this class is fairly weak in quality if you go by the ratings of these kids. -- Dave G.


Kyle's answer: Dave, Thanks for asking, but once again, I have to take issue with your facts. Most of the current 21 commitments are three-star players, not two-star players. ranks 17 of the 21 with three stars. ranks 14 of the 21 with three stars. There are definitely some recruits in the group who didn't receive a lot of BCS offers, but there are also plenty who did. You seem to be painting with a pretty broad brush here. Go back and look at it more closely.

In terms of why the class is moving up in the rankings, that's purely about numbers. CU has a large class this year and the more recruits you have, the more points you're going to get from the recruiting services. Next year in the 2013 cycle, CU is expected to have only 12-16 available scholarships and I promise you the ranking will be lower because of that fact alone. People will be complaining then that CU isn't getting a fair ranking. That's how it works.

Question: How much better will Colorado Football really be in 2012? Recruiting seems improved over recent years and the schedule is more manageable, but they lose Hansen, Clemons, Stewart, Miller and Hartigan. Is a bowl a realistic goal, given the key player losses and the overall youth of the team? -- Dave B.

Kyle's answer: I believe the team will be more talented from top to bottom, which means more overall depth, but less experienced. That will lead to some different issues than you had this year and some of the same issues. A bowl should be achievable because you will have a much easier schedule. You're talking about improving on a three-win season. So the bar isn't very high. CU very easily could have won five games this season. So I definitely don't see six wins next year as being out of reach even with the loss of those experienced players.

Question: Even though National Signing Day is still a month away, is the coaching staff concerned about the lack of cornerbacks committed for now, given that they had to move players from offense to play the position last season? -- Seth B

Kyle's answer: I'm sure there is some concern there. They definitely want to sign a few more corners to be sure. However, I don't think they are panicking about it. There are a few very good corners still considering the Buffs and you have to remember, there are three cornerbacks returning who either played very little in 2011 or didn't play at all. If you add a healthy Parker Orms, Sherrard Harrington and Jered Bell to Greg Henderson, that is four decent corners right there. Then if you can finally get Paul Vigo and Josh Moten to take a few steps forward you have two more before you even get to the recruits. And if some of the better CB recruits choose to come to Boulder, then some of those guys are going to get passed by quickly. 

Question: Greetings from Venice, FL. I really enjoy reading Buffzone. I lived in Colorado for 50 years, went to junior high, high school. and college in Boulder. My feelings for CU are very strong and your communication helps me keep up-to-date. I usually get back to Boulder to watch at least one football game. I missed this year but saw the Buffs in Columbus, OH instead. One question I have about Folsom Field is this. Has any consideration been given to removing those bench seats and installing individual chairs with backs? If everybody in a row were to rent a seat back, they would not all fit. This is not good. -- Budd Pippin

Kyle's answer: Budd, thanks for reading and staying in touch. Yes, chair backs are something the athletic department hopes to add in the near future. They might not come in every part of the stadium all at once, but they are coming. When they do make this move, it might trim the capacity of the stadium a little, but when CU eventually builds its practice facility and expands the Dal Ward Center, enclosing the northeast corner of the stadium, it should even out.

Question: Any guess who the starting corners will be next year (I assume that Greg Henderson has one spot locked down)? Besides injuries and suspensions, do you have a sense why the corners struggled so much this year? -- Steve M

Kyle's answer: Well, when you factor in the injuries and suspensions, there were times when the starting corners were really players playing out of position. And adding to that, they were often young players as well. The starting secondary against Oregon was four freshman and one redshirt freshman, and one of the freshmen had spent most of the season at running back.

My picks for the starting corners next season would be the same starters they planned to have this season. Greg Henderson, Parker Orms and Jered Bell. I might change my opinion between now and September based on who signs with the program next month and if Sherrard Harrington is able to get back to 100 percent after a lengthy battle with a hip injury.

Question: I don't see any 6'3"+, 4.4+ WRs among the 22 recruits to date. Is this indicative of how poorly our wideouts are to be in 2012? Also, if we are going to remain in a pro-set offense, where's the 6'2"+/ 225+ pound, 4.5+ power FB among the recruits? -- David Parnes

Kyle's answer: Yeah, those players sign with winning programs. Win some games, build the program back up and you will eventually begin to see more of those guys end up here. But this is not a program the best recruits are fighting to come to right now. CU has six straight losing seasons and is coming off a 10-loss season. What makes anyone think those kind of recruits are going to be lining up at Jon Embree's door. Sure, it's his job to go out and get them, but that is going to take a little time.

Question: I think we can all expect there will be needed contributions from the incoming freshman class next season as there was this season. Can we talk about what positions and possible players Embree is looking for help from in terms of freshman, RS, and CB, FB, RB, Dl, DE. I think we are going to compete this year for 6 wins...Let's go Buffs. -- Chris Mosher, alum in Boston

Kyle's answer: We've covered the cornerback stuff this week and fullback. Davien Payne, Donta Abron and Terrence Crowder will all get a shot at running back. And Malcolm Creer will compete with Tony Jones and Josh Ford there, too, if he is able to come back from his knee injury. The defensive line will be a wide open competition, though you have to think experienced players such as Will Pericak, Chidera Uzo-Diribe and Juda Parker will be in the rotation.

Question: Why were the NCAA championship banners taken down at the Coors Events Center? I always enjoyed seeing them. -- Glenn W.

Ryan's answer: The banners are still up at the Coors Events Center.