Michael O’Connor
Michael O'Connor (Boulder County Sheriff's Office)

A former University of Colorado football player has pleaded guilty to being an accessory to sexual assault.

Michael O'Connor, 22, was accused of lying to police and covering up evidence after his friend and fellow football player Michael Sipili allegedly raped a 22-year-old woman with whom O'Connor had consensual sex.

Sipili, 23, was charged with sexual assault in the incident, which took place Dec. 4, 2010. He pleaded guilty in July to sexual exploitation of children and third-degree assault and was sentenced in September to one year of work release and four years of probation.

The exploitation of children charge, which generally applies to child pornography, was part of the plea agreement and does not have a factual basis.

According to Boulder police, O'Connor met a then-22-year-old woman at a bar earlier that night and went home with her. Sipili entered the room while the two were intimate and raped the woman, police alleged.

Police said O'Connor claimed the entire encounter was consensual, tried to cover up blood on the sheets after the event and told police the woman and her friend were laughing and in a good mood when they left the apartment. A voice mail message the victim left on a friend's phone, though, showed her to be very upset.

O'Connor had pleaded not guilty to the accessory charge and was scheduled to go to trial on Monday. However, he changed his plea to guilty Wednesday.

O'Connor is scheduled to be sentenced next Wednesday.