Colorado football coach Jon Embree said he plans to make cuts to his roster later this spring based on the results players have produced on and off the field since he took over the program in early December.

Embree did not specify the number of players he will trim from the program, but he indicated there will be several and he will be the one to give them the bad news.

Prior to the start of spring ball last month, Embree said one of his goals for the 15 practices was to find out who can play and who can't.

He was asked after Thursday's practice what happens to the players he believes can't play for his program.

"Some of them, if they can't play and they're not doing what they're supposed to be doing academically and they're not doing some other things and buying into the program, won't be here," Embree said. "It's just that simple. I told them when I got hired everyone has a clean slate. So this will be four months to show me they want to be a part of this. I told them it's a privilege to be a Buffalo. It's not a right.

"So they have had since December 7 to show they want to be here.


Some guys don't want to be here by body language, by how they work in the weight room, by how they work in the classroom, by how they work on the football field."

While scholarship student-athletes commit to a school expecting to attend that institution for four or five years and use their eligibility there, scholarships are actually offered on an annual basis and can be taken away at any point for a number of violations of rules within the program or violations of the student code of conduct.

Embree said the players who are candidates to be cut shouldn't be surprised by the news if and when it comes. He said every player who is facing that possibility has been warned.

"They've been warned many times," Embree said. "There are no surprises. I've told everyone from Day One that everyone is year-to-year. ... It's like I told them, I don't ask a lot. I want effort. I want you to compete and I want you to do it on and off the field. That's basically all I ask. Be on time. I think those are pretty simple rules and for some guys, they can't do that."

It's clear that Embree is serious about parting ways with scholarship players because he continues to recruit players who could be added to the roster as part of the 2011 recruiting class.

Embree said on national signing day in February that he anticipated being right at the scholarship limit of 85 with the players he added that day.

CU has since added a wide receiver to the class and has former Georgia wide receiver Logan Gray visiting this weekend along with athlete Thomas Carter from Cajon High School in California. Carter said CU is recruiting him as a wide receiver.


Embree said the final practice before the spring game was a good one on Thursday. He said he was disappointed in the defense at one point for allowing a fourth-down conversion in the 2-minute drill. "Guys are showing who they are," Embree said. "That's what we wanted out of here, the evaluation process. It's gone very well."