University of Colorado officials continue to wait to announce any decision on Dan Hawkins` future as head football coach, even if one already has been made. But is their reluctance to make a move adding fuel to the fire of an already ugly situation?

Hawkins abruptly ended his press conference late Saturday night in Norman, Okla., after one too many questions about his job and his future following another ugly loss. Even Hawkins appears to be growing tired of the speculation.

Hawkins is scheduled to meet with the media at least 16 more times before the end of the season and will surely be asked more about his job and his future as long as the school allows uncertainty to rule the situation.

Dan Hawkins
Colorado football coach Dan Hawkins (Assoc)

Fans are angry at the state of the program and some aren`t shy about expressing their feelings with Hawkins himself. Fans have posted critical messages on Hawkins` Facebook page, including one Sunday from Brian Raben, who criticized the coach for turning his back as place-kicker Aric Goodman attempted a 40-yard field goal in the second quarter against the Sooners.Goodman has struggled with consistency throughout his career in Boulder, but Hawkins has stuck by him probably much longer than many of his peers across the nation would have with a similar struggling player. Hawkins also has been criticized for doing so.


ESPN cameras caught Hawkins on the sideline opting not to watch as Goodman attempted the kick and instead waiting to know if he made the kick by the reaction of the other staff members who were standing with him. Goodman made the kick and Hawkins smiled afterward.

"I have to honestly say I have never been more offended to see a coach turn his back on his own kicker during a game Forget all of the losing that was unacceptable," Raben wrote to Hawkins.

Iowa resident Mitchill Melheim also posted a message to Hawkins about the Goodman play.

"Way to literally turn your back on the team right there," he wrote. "That`s a sure way to get your team fired up and motivated to play for you."

Not all the messages to Hawkins` Facebook page are negative. He continues to receive support. Freddie Trauer even managed to strike an optimistic tone while encouraging Hawkins.

"Time to regroup big guy," Trauer wrote to Hawkins. "We can still get Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa State and go into Nebraska and shut all the naysayers down. What do ya say, coach? Lets do this."

Chancellor Phil DiStefano said 10 days ago at Pac-12 meetings in San Francisco that the decision to keep or fire Hawkins would be made by athletic director Mike Bohn. However, DiStefano made it clear when asked for his assessment of the situation that he believes it is best to wait until the season is over before making a decision about the coach.

Bohn appears to be following those marching orders even as criticism of him continues to mount for a lack of action.

After the 43-10 loss to the Sooners, Bohn told reporters no announcement about Hawkins`s future would happen this week, but he did not rule out announcing a decision before the end of the season.

The fact is, the Buffs are 3-5 overall and could still achieve bowl eligibility. Administrators don`t want to do anything to spoil those efforts, especially for a group of seniors who have worked hard and given four or five years to the program.

Bohn and DiStefano are likely waiting until the team is eliminated from bowl contention or until the end of the regular season arrives to announce a decision about the future.

DiStefano told the Camera in the preseason his goal for the football program this fall was to go to a good bowl game. The Buffs have probably lost any hope of that. The best they can do at this point is finish 7-5 and they would probably be at or near the bottom of the bowl pecking order in a league they are leaving at the end of the year.