Tyler Hansen says he isn`t trying to be Tim Tebow. He`s trying to be the quarterback of the Colorado football team.

Following an embarrassing loss at California last week, Hansen posted a message on his Twitter account in an attempt to let Colorado fans know he and his teammates were just as frustrated and disheartened by the final score, 52-7, as they were. He vowed such lackluster performances wouldn`t happen again.

Some equated the message to a speech made by then-Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow following a 2008 loss to Mississippi.

A couple hours after Hansen posted his thoughts, he removed them from his account because, "I didn`t want people to make a big deal about it."

Too late for that, but it might be just the sort of rallying cry the Buffs need heading into the home opener against a potent and tough Hawaii team at Folsom Field on Saturday (1:30 p.m., Fox College Sports). Hansen did his best to clarify his actions following Tuesday`s practice and talked about the frame of mind of his team.

But he made more promises and guarantees he might not be able to fulfill.

"Just determined," Hansen said describing the mood of the team. "We had a goal and last week was unacceptable, definitely. Offense, we played horrible, we can`t do that ever again, and we won`t. I guarantee you."

The Buffs came into the season feeling confident they were older, wiser, bigger, stronger and faster and had added a few more pieces tohelp solve their offensive puzzle.


They have ranked at or near the bottom of the Big 12 Conference in most offensive statistical categories throughout coach Dan Hawkins` tenure.

Two games is a small sample size, but so far this season, the results aren`t there. The Buffs are last in the Big 12 this week in rushing, scoring and total offense and they are next to last in passing offense. They are tied with Kansas and Kansas State at the bottom of the league having already allowed eight sacks and they are one of the most penalized teams in the nation.

Coaches began trying to fix those problems on the field with Tuesday`s practice. Hawkins met with media members for his weekly luncheon Tuesday and said "A lot of it I think is totally correctable."

Starters on the offensive line are being shuffled again this week with junior Mike Iltis moving over from guard to take over at center for senior Keenan Stevens. Junior Ethan Adkins moves back into the starting spot at left guard.

"They played kind of pissed off today in practice because they`re sick of, you know, there would be guys in the locker room or people on the outside saying its their fault," captain Scotty McKnight said. "It`s never solely on one position, but I think that did get under their skin a little bit. And they want to let Tyler feel comfortable in the pocket and let the team know that they`re going to do their job."

Hansen said he has faith in his offensive line and believes the group will eventually right itself and begin performing at a higher level.

Hansen also needs to play better. He missed some open receivers on Saturday and opted to try to stay in the pocket and pass several times when his instincts told him to try to make a play with his feet. He admitted he tried to do too much at times.

Some of those decisions on the field might have led to his decision to share his thoughts once he left Memorial Stadium in Berkeley.

"I just felt like I needed to say something, I felt like it was time, kind of a rough spot," he said. "The team was frustrated and I knew the fans didn`t like it. I knew the fans would kind of reach out and get after it a little bit, but I just wanted to tell everyone what we felt. I just wanted to make sure they knew that it`s not going to happen again. It`s ... we will not play like that ever again.

"We are not 45 points worse than Cal. That is not us. We played bad as an offense. The defense played alright but we did not play ... I don`t know that is ... maybe we were a little lackadaisical, maybe a little comfortable, we just have to play better."

Hansen hurt his knee on a touchdown run in the third quarter last week but was able to practice. While he said he was sore, he believes he will be ready to face Hawaii. Hansen said the entire team needs to keep things in perspective. It`s only the third week of the season after all and the Buffs must focus on having fun on the field.

"We can`t panic, some guys were down and panicked a little bit after the game," he said. "We can`t do that. We have to stay confident. We`re still a good football team, we know that. We`re 1-1, it`s not like we`re 0-8 right now. It`s the second game of the year. Guys have to start thinking about that a little bit. We have ten more games left on our schedule. There is a lot of time and a lot of football left to be played. We`re okay, let`s just go out there and play."