Former Colorado running back Darrell Scott is attempting to rejoin coach Dan Hawkins` program, according to a report by Denver television station KCNC (4) citing an anonymous source.

The station reported Scott met with Hawkins and that no decision has been made about the running back coming back to CU.

The Camera has not been able to confirm the report, but has confirmed that Scott was not enrolled in spring semester classes as of the close of business on campus Monday. It is unlikely Scott would enroll in spring classes at this point. He would need permission from a dean to do so.

If Hawkins and his assistants and the rest of the team decide to bring Scott back to the program, the running back could redshirt next season or play. The NCAA allows a "missed term exception" for every student athlete one time in their careers, meaning as long as Scott took summer classes, he would probably be able to make enough progress toward his degree to be academically eligible in the 2010 season.

If Scott does not enroll for the spring semester he willnot be able to participate in spring practices or the spring game on April 10.

Scott was the nation`s top tailback recruit in the 2008 recruiting class but spent two largely unproductive seasons in Boulder, fighting injuries and being outplayed by fellow 2008 recruit Rodney Stewart.

Scott played in five games and rushed for 95 yards last fall as a sophomore.


Running backs coach Darian Hagan was asked about Scott while during an interview about recruiting late last week and Hagan said he still hadn`t spoken with Scott since the day in early November when Scott quit the team and announced he was transferring.

Hagan and Scott were very close at one point. Hagan was responsible for recruiting Scott and his uncle, former CU wide receiver Josh Smith, to Boulder. Scott used to call Hagan "pops" at times.

Hagan said he has talked with Scott`s mother, Alexis Scott. He said he asked Scott`s mother to keep him informed about where Scott decided to continue his college career. Hagan also said he believed Hawkins had talked with Scott`s mother.

Scott has not responded to multiple interview requests since leaving the program.