If you go

What: Colorado-Colorado State football game

When: 5 p.m. Sunday

Where: Folsom Field

More info: To purchase tickets, visit CUBuffs.com or call 800-87-BUFFS.

Some households are all Buffalo. Others, total Ram.

But what happens when a family finds themselves with a bit of both? Who do you root for on Sunday when you're a Buffa-Ram?

If Chris Williams knows the answer, he's not telling. The father of four has a son at the University of Colorado and two daughters who attend Colorado State University. A football fan, Williams said he'll probably listen to Sunday's big CU-CSU game from his home in Grand Junction -- with two pairs of hats and shirts, one with the CU logo and the other with the CSU logo, at hand.

"I kind of switch them off," he said. "I'm an equal-opportunity father, I guess you could say. Whoever I think is going to win will get the most wearing of the shirt or hat."

But Williams isn't saying which team that might be. Asked whether he rooted for the Buffaloes or Rams last year, he was equally vague.

"Can I plead the fifth?" Williams said. "OK, I'll answer honest. I knew that CU was a little better than CSU, I felt like, from studying (the teams' records). So, really, I didn't care who won."

Karen Logan isn't quite that egalitarian. A CU grad herself, Logan has two sons -- one is a senior at CU and the other is a sophomore at CSU. She'll be at the game Sunday, as she has been at many rivalry games for the past 30 years. And just like always, she'll be cheering for CU.


"I like the Rams but the Buffs have been in my blood for so long," said Logan, who grew up in Boulder and now lives in Lafayette. "If CSU was playing anybody but CU, then of course, I'd be rooting for CSU. But given that it's CU and CSU, it's a challenge to root for the Rams."

Still, Logan pays homage to both teams with a novelty license plate she displays in the rear windshield of her Subaru Impreza. Given to her as Christmas gift by her younger son, Ryan, a zoology major at CSU, it has the CU logo on one side and the CSU logo on the other and says, "House Divided." When she opened it, her older son, Kyle, a CU economics major, balked.

"My oldest son said, 'You're not going to put that in your car, are you?'" Logan said.

"I said, 'Of course I am!'"

It was that license plate that inspired Durango dad Bill Watt to have T-shirts printed up to wear to Sunday's game. The motif is similar: A Buffalo on one side, a Ram on the other and "House Divided" underneath both. This is the first year Watt has felt his loyalty tugged in two different directions. His older daughter is a senior at CU and his younger daughter just started at CSU.

"We have to be fair and balanced, shall we say," Watt said, referring to himself and his wife, Joyce. "I'm sure I'm going to get static if I root too loud for one or the other."

So Watt has come up with a plan: "I'll probably root for whoever's losing at the time."

That's fine with Melissa Watt, a communication major at CU. She's even extended a pre-game olive branch to her little sister, Katy, inviting her and her friends to an afternoon party on Sunday.

"I used to be a total football rival," she said. "And now that my sister is going to CSU, I'm kind of like, we can party together and then once we get into the stadium, I'll hate your guts.

"But once we leave the stadium, it's OK, it's all good."