So here he is 15 months into his college career and Patrick Devenny is just now learning what life is like as a college quarterback.

To recap, Devenny was recruited to Colorado after a successful high school career as a quarterback at Granite Bay High School in Roseville, Calif. He received little to no teaching at the position in his first season last year.

Devenny said he hasn't talked to Carpenter since their teams played in Folsom Field in September, but he might give his old friend a call and get some advice in the coming days.

Colorado coach Dan Hawkins said Devenny "did some decent things" in Sunday night's brief scrimmage. He said he has enough arm strength to play the position and his experience as a prep quarterback in a successful program has helped pick up the fundamentals quickly once again.

Hawkins said Devenny will probably move back to tight end at the end of the season when he was asked if he could remain at quarterback.

"You know, we'll see, things work out funny," he said. "I don't know if it is exactly our plan, but you never know. A guy might come in and go 25-for-30 and 300 yards and you go 'Why isn't that guy playing quarterback?'"

Devenny said he had a meeting with Hawkins following spring football when they made a mutual decision to move him to tight end because he had performed poorly in spring ball. At 6-foot-3 and nearly 240 pounds, it made sense and Hawkins said he believed Devenny had the athletic ability to play the position.

Devenny said he believes he could have been a better quarterback in the spring and even now if he would have been tutored more during his redshirt season.


He said his sole purpose last year was working on the scout team.

"I really couldn't tell you what a meeting was like for Joel (Klatt), Brian (White) Bernard (Jackson) and James (Cox) last year," Devenny said. "I honestly don't even remember ever sitting in one. I think that definitely would have helped."

Triple duty

Hawkins is serving as tight ends and special teams coach this week while assistant coach Kent Riddle spends time with his mother in Iowa City. Riddle's mother suffered a stroke last week.

"I'm putting in some long hours, but that's OK," Hawkins said.

On the McBride side

Chase McBride will continue to serve as punt returner this week against Kansas State. McBride played for the first time all season last week in place of Stephone Robinson, who had been struggling to catch punts cleanly and make good decisions all season.

McBride fielded only one punt and returned it for 5 yards, but he has a history of success in the job dating back to high school.

"He didn't get a lot of opportunities, but I thought he was very comfortable catching the one ball and there was a ball that hit the ground but he clearly had no chance to catch," Hawkins said. "He did a good job managing that, and managing the red zone, he did what he could do where he was at."

Hawkins said he thought the change lit a fire in Robinson.


Safety J.J. Billingsley was not in pads Tuesday and is questionable for Saturday. Center Mark Fenton still is unable to run anywhere near full speed and likely won't play any time soon. ... Former CU assistant coach Milan Vooletich died last Thursday in San Antonio. Vooletich, 65, served as CU's defensive backs coach for four seasons under Bill Mallory in the 1970s. He also coached at Miami (Ohio), Michigan, Rice, Iowa and Kentucky.

Archived comments

I hope your mother gets better coach Riddle.

Once again a kid plays tackling dummy while GB failed to develop his younger players. Even without the experience this season, could Devenny do any worse than Jackson has done recently? I still say we should play Cox, but short of that lets see what Devenny can do at the spot. Start Jackson and if he continues to struggle after the first quarter, yank him in favor of anyone else. Until we improve at QB (and there are a whole lot of other areas ripe for improvement) I don't like our chances against anyone remaining on our schedule.

Garth Gerhart (6-2/300/5.20 3 star, 5th ranked C from CA) will be on campus this week. He has committed to the Buffs. His teammate, Adam Tello (6-4/290/5.20 3 star, 43nd ranked OG from Norco HS) will join him.  Tello has given a soft verbal to CU. I think these guys have been a potent force together in HS and may be looking to play together in college. Hopefully Tello will firm up his commitment after the weekend. Another big man will join those two on their visit. Ra'Shad McGill (6-4/308/5.12 1 star OL from Heidelberg, MS) has offers from Oklahoma State, CU, and Houston. has him leaning toward Houston. This kid is big and may only have a single star because he hails from a small town that may not be as widely covered. The biggest prospect visiting is Markques Simas. Simas is a 4 star WR, ranked 12th nationally (whatever that means). Our current class has no WRs. Our current roster has contained no playmakers this season. Simas may be that guy for CU. He has a lot of offers, but still has CU and San Diego State as his high interest schools. CU is a great fit for this young man and hopefully he'll recognize that after his trip this weekend. Go Buffs!


11/1/2006 10:08:44 AM

Thanks for the recruiting update, I think Simas would be VERY important in getting our program back on track, but we definintely need to sure up our funding in order to upgrade our facilities.


11/1/2006 10:30:10 AM

shouldn't this change have been made about 9 games ago? to little to late..

I am getting sick of hearing how this season is Barnett's fault.

Hawkins is the man, "MAN UP" and take responsibility for the decisions he makes!!!

GOOD DAY!!!!!!!!!


11/1/2006 11:05:05 AM

So Devenny is a botched block away from leading the Buffs at quaterback. At least Jackson won't have the pressure of Cox looming over his shoulder.

When I see how the coaching staff has used Jackson I have an image of an woman trying to stuff her foot into a pair of shoes that are obviously a couple of sizes too small. They are never going to fit, so why not get another pair. Jackson should be in the shotgun at least 50% of the time, there should be more option running plays that exploit Jackson's strengths. The bull-headness of the coaching staff throughout the season may be the poorest reflection of the Hawkins demeanor. I hope I'm wrong but his stubborness and pride keep creeping up (losing White, going on 4th down last week, never adjusting to the slip screen run by CSU, not running Charles more...)and don't bode well for the future of the program.

I find ATLBuff's comments interesting, recruiting will be important as the team moves forward in the Hawkins era.

I hope the fans show up to support the team on Saturday, and the Buffs play an error/penalty free game.


11/1/2006 1:17:46 PM

Since CU is going to lose all their games, give or take a couple, let's have some fun with it..

For Saturday, what's the prediction for the most ridiculus thing Hawkins will do?

I predict a fake 70 yard field goal on 4th and long that results in a sack/fumble/touchdown for KSU...


11/1/2006 2:02:27 PM

I predict buffwinkle is either Gary Barnett or has never actually pulled for CU in his life. Fine, fine we all get that you loath Hawkins. And as tired as your comments are, time will tell whether Hawkins turns into a good hire. But the fact that you seem to take pleasure in CU losing, that you love GB, and that you actually seem upset when we land a solid recruit leads me to believe you're a very, very sad little man. Cheer up, basketball season is upon us. You'll have more opportunities to complain then...


11/1/2006 2:28:57 PM

Your constant posts about "recruits on the radar" for CU are boring and annoying to me, but you don't hear me complaining about them..

Fact is , no recruit has been landed for CU for 2007 until they sign a LOI and qualify for school.

It's just a big "wish list" that is about as over hyped as Hawkins himself was. So I'm not upset about the hype over "possible recruits that may or may not play for CU"

I'm just annoyed with it because it's nothing substantial, just more hype that got us into a 1-8 season..

At least I don't engage in personal attacks when I disagree as you and a multitude of other so call fans do..

GOOD DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!


11/1/2006 2:45:25 PM

OK, so the GB comment was below the belt. Sorry to offend your delicate sensibilities. For the most part, I've avoided responding to your posts. You are correct that no recruit is final until a LOI is signed and he qualifies, but having a verbal commit is still a good thing. A little optimism isn't a bad thing, especially when the season goes the way this one has gone. Even you have to admit that we'll improve with a real QB next year. Can you see no reason, none, for even the slightest bit of optimism? We did win one game this season. Do you expect us to lose them all next year? If you want to be down on CU and Hawkins, fine. But try to be a little realistic about it. Week after week we hear you chortle on, crowing about how you're right and everyone else is wrong. It is as if you find some pleasure in CU losing because then it justifies your pessimism. Yeah I post a bunch on recruiting because there isn't much to say about this team's performance. It has been atrocious and I'm skeptical of seeing any improvement so long as we have Jackson at QB, no WRs to make plays and an OL that is in need of improvement. Fortunately, some of those deficiencies seem to be addressed with this incoming class. Then again, I'm sure none of these kids will actually sign, that those who are willing won't qualify academically and that once they build that practice bubble it will implode in a tragic accident.


11/1/2006 3:30:43 PM

I actually like reading posts about "recruits on the radar".

What bores and annoys me is virtually every single post from buffwinkle. That's right winkle - EAFD

GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


11/1/2006 7:03:56 PM

I like Buffwinkle's idea.

Hawkins, coaching the special teams for the first time this year, decides to put Mason Crosby back to field punts instead of what's his name. Crosby, showing surprising speed and agility, takes the punt back all the way to the KState one yard line where he is caught and fumbles through the end zone (or was that Champ Bailey...) He pulls up lame, and thus ruins his pro career as a kicker.

With seconds remaining, CU is down by 3 points and has driven the length of the field. Facing 4th and 6 at the 25 yard line Hawkins decides to go for the field goal and a tie (not wanting to look like the gambler, THIS TIME), puts in Dusty Sprague to kick "and they say I'm not playing my best players", Hawkins thinks to himself.

The snap is good, but instead of placing the ball BJax (yeah I'm tired of that nickname too and I know he doesn't hold for kicks)tries a quarterback sneak, HOW CREATIVE!, and, of course, is sacked. Game over.

After the game Hawkins says, "we just gotta find a way to make a play when the game is on the line, and by the way, how does my hair look?" The media pans Jackson for his poor passing and Sprague for not kicking the ball out of his hands.


11/2/2006 12:24:28 AM

I would rather have Hawkins coaching special teams instead of GB. GB made some of the most boneheaded calls on kick-offs and 4th down plays that I have ever seen.

With CU holding a slight lead and kicking off to Nebraska with a minute left in the game, GB made the call for a squib kick. As soon as the squib kick was struck, I immediately jumped out of my seat and said, 'Oh, *%#@' because I knew immediately that the outcome could be bad. Sure enough, the squib kick was fielded by the Nebraska return man at the 30-yard line and returned almost to mid-field. Nebraska took advantage of the short field and scored in the final seconds to win the game. I had been carefully watching the Nebraska return man during the entire game, and in my opinion he was slow, hesitant, and not capable of making a big play on a normal, deep kick-off. GB practically gift-wrapped this game and handed it to Nebraska.

In the 2001 Big 12 championship game against Texas, GB made another big blunder that almost handed victory to Texas. With CU enjoying a comfortable lead going into the last few minutes of the game, GB called for an ill-advised fake punt on 4th down. On this play, the punter was used as a decoy and the ball was snapped directly to the up-back positioned about 5 yards behind the line of scrimmage. The up-back, who was back-up QB Robert Hodge, then threw a weak, wobbly pass towards the sidelines that was intercepted and returned for a touchdown by the Texas cornerback. This play turned the game from an easy close-out to a nail-biter. I could never understand what GB saw in Robert Hodge, who was probably the worst quarterback to ever play at CU. Hodge was only about 5-feet 9-inches tall, was a slow runner (had quick feet that made miniscule choppy steps), and a very weak arm. I have nothing against short QBs, as long as they have a strong arm, ala Doug Flutie. But, it is just insane to recruit a short QB who is also slow of foot and weak of arm.


11/2/2006 12:45:05 PM

Hawkins decides his rep is on the line and orders nothing but long pass plays for the entire course of the game. .

Hawkins also wears his "Blame it on Barnett" Sweatshirt on the sidelines.

Hawk stubbornly decries "it worked in Boise" as the 10th pass interception runs right past him on the sideline...

Post game remarks "I vow, we are going to finish" he then lines up the team to run stadium steps until midnight.. Cody Hawkins remarks " it's a team thing, running is good for us"... Boyer Doe is observed slamming his fist into a wall and walking away..

Recruit Ryan Miller is seen talking to Charley Weis on his cell phone and nodding his head...

KSU 38 CU 3....


11/2/2006 1:27:42 PM