Legend High School star, and CU commit, Trustin Oliver.
Legend High School star, and CU commit, Trustin Oliver. (Photo provided by Trustin Oliver)
On Wednesday, Legend High School receiver/defensive back Trustin Oliver gave his verbal commitment to sign with the Colorado football team.

Oliver, who grew up in the Compton, Calif., area until playing at Legend the past two years, is being targeted as a safety at CU. Buffzone.com had a story on Oliver's commitment on Wednesday, but caught up with him later to get his thoughts on CU.

A Q&A with CU's newest pledge:

Buffzone: You didn't have much contact with Colorado when Mike MacIntyre was head coach. Did you ever think you'd wind up at CU?

Oliver: I had some faith in them to see what was going to happen, but at the end of the day, there's not much I can do. I just have to hope and pray and hope God blesses me and he has.

Buffzone: When did you start hearing from new head coach Mel Tucker and his staff?

Oliver: A week or so after they got hired. They texted me and told me, 'Hey we're really interested you.' Coach Tucker called me and told me, 'You have some stuff you have to get done, but we're going to offer you a full ride scholarship.' I was just kind of shocked. It's truly a blessing.

Buffzone: You grew up in California, but is it a big deal for you to stay in Colorado?

Oliver: Oh yeah, it means a lot. I get to represent the state, a really wonderful state. I wasn't from out here, but I still want to represent the 303. Being literally an hour from home, where teachers, old teammates, family that want to come up and see me play, they don't have to go to a whole other state to come see me.


I haven't been to Boulder, but the things I hear about it are really wonderful.

Buffzone: So, you've never even been to Boulder? What made you pick CU, sight unseen?

Oliver: Just the fact that I, personally, can feel how a person feels about me just off of talking to them for a couple of minutes. I just felt in my stomach and my heart, it was a good feeling about it. I felt (Tucker) was really genuine. He means what he says. I can fully trust them and put my trust and all my respect and love toward that. I talked to my uncle and auntie about it and let them this is what I'm doing, this is where I want to be.

Buffzone: You've starred as a receiver, but CU wants you as a defensive back, correct?

Oliver: Yeah, at the end of the day, I tell this to anybody that's ever asked me where I want to play: I don't even care if I play holder. Just put me on the field and let me help you guys win - win games and win a Pac-12 championship.

Buffzone: You played corner at Legend, but Colorado sees you as a safety. How do you feel about safety?

Oliver: I'll probably get more information on that when I go up there. Personally, I figure he's going to tell me what every defensive coach has told me. At the end of the day, there's a lot of tall receivers that can catch, run, catch one-handed, be acrobatic and athletic. You don't get a 6-3, 6-4, 205-pound safety/corner roaming around the field and able to keep up with a tight end, those running backs, those tall receivers, small receivers. To have that kind of athlete in the defensive realm, that's not really common in college or the NFL.

Buffzone: How much do you like playing defense?

Oliver: I like playing it all. I can play special teams and I'll still be happy. I just want to be on the field with the brothers.

Buffzone: How excited are you for your official visit this weekend?

Oliver: I'm super, super excited. When I get done with school work, that's all I think about. I've never been there and I've heard good things about it. I've seen pictures, I've seen the coaches. They sound like really good, genuine guys that can help young men get to where they want to be in their future. I just feel like once I meet them and once I see it, I'm going to fall in love with it. I already fell in love. I'm 110 percent committed. I'm a full-on Buff.

Buffzone: You mentioned some friends already at CU. Who do you know that's already on the team?

Oliver: Austin Johnson, he's was working out with (former Buff Matt McChesney at SixZero Strength and Fitness), too. And KJ Trujillo is from California where I'm from. I've known KJ since way back, since Pop Warner days. I can't wait to see those guys when I get up there.

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