On Thursday, the Colorado Board of Regents voted to approve the contract extension of CU head football coach Mike MacIntyre. Below are some of the main details of that contract.


  • MacIntyre's base salary is $500,000 in the first year (2017) and will increase by $75,000 each year.
  • MacIntyre will receive $1.15 million per year in supplemental salary for radio, TV and other media and public appearances.
  • MacIntyre will receive $1.15 million per year in supplemental salary for sponsorship support (Nike).

Here's the breakdown of MacIntyre's annual base and supplemental salary:

2017: $2,800,000
2018: $2,875,000
2019: $2,950,000
2020: $3,025,000
2021: $3,100,000
If employed on Dec. 31, 2021: $100,000

Total of base and supplemental salary: $14,850,000

Another note: I inquired today why there was a discrepancy between the reported $16.25 million figure from January and the $14.85 million figure that I reported on Thursday. The $16.25 million figure included the first three incentives listed below ($1.5 million total, or $300,000 annually), which are unrelated to anything on the field; and did not include the $100,000 bonus for being employed on Dec. 31, 2021.

Basically, if MacIntyre is still employed by CU on Dec. 31, 2021, the guaranteed amount of the contract is $14.85 million. If he meets all the conditions of the top three incentives listed below, the final value will be $16.35 million.


To this point, MacIntyre has done very well in all three of those incentive areas, so while it's not a given, there's a good chance he will collect that $300,000 annually.


Potential incentives MacIntyre can earn each year. Maximum annual incentive total: $2.15 million (could only be reached if Buffs win the CFP national title)

  • 1. Academic progress towards graduation for football players: Up to $100,000
  • 2. Welfare and development of football players, including citizenship: Up to $100,000
  • 3. Development of football program outreach, culture and reputation on campus: Up to $100,000
  • 4. If football team attains graduation success rate of 75% each year: $50,000
  • 5. If football team attains an APR rating of 980 after the academic year: $25,000
  • 6. Football team wins 7 games in the regular season: $50,000
  • 7. Each regular season win after 7 wins: $25,000
  • 8. MacIntyre is selected Pac-12 Coach of the Year: $50,000
  • 9. Football team wins Pac-12 Championship game: $50,000
  • 10. MacIntyre wins AP and/or Walter Camp coach of the year: $100,000
  • 11. Football team plays in a bowl game not affiliated with the College Football Playoff system: $200,000
  • 12. Football team plays in a College Football Playoff bowl game: $250,000
  • 13. Football team appears in College Football Playoff championship game: $400,000
  • 14. Football team wins national championship: $750,000


The liquidated damages section of MacIntyre's contract does not appear to have changed from the original contract. Here is what MacIntyre must pay CU if he terminates his contract early:

  • 1. If deal terminated in first contract year (2017): $2.3 million
  • 2. If deal terminated in second contract year (2018): $1.9 million
  • 3. If deal terminated in third contract year (2019): $1.6 million
  • 4. If deal terminated in fourth contract year (2020): $1.3 million
  • 5. If deal terminated in fifth contract year (2021): $1 million

If MacIntyre is fired without cause, he is entitled to claim the remaining balance of his base and supplemental salary, as well as the total amount for items 1, 2 and 3 of incentive salary listed above.

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