Josh Tupou is back on campus and working out in Colorado's new weight room, and so far, strength and conditioning coach Drew Wilson has been impressed.

"From a strength standpoint I don't think he'll be behind," Wilson said of the 6-foot-3, 320-pound defensive lineman. "It'll be getting conditioning going again. That's always the hard part for everybody.

"Off the look test, in a 3-4 defense, he's what you want sitting in the middle. He looks like a strong kid."

A three-year starter, Tupou was suspended from school and the team last summer after an off-the-field incident earlier in 2015. He has spent some of his time off playing rugby and working for a landscaping company.

Staying active has helped Tupou, Wilson, but the Buffs will now work to get him into football shape.

"It's almost like riding a bike," Wilson said. "Everybody has worked out and gotten out of shape. It'll kick back into gear.

"He's quiet. He and I have had some conversations. His quiet is a trust factor. He doesn't know me, I don't know him. He understands I'm the necessary evil to this whole process. I think he's going to be receptive to everything. He's been good thus far."

Wilson gave his impressions of a couple other players:

Left tackle Jeromy Irwin: "He's made tremendous strides. Just physically looking at him now, he looks different; he's thicker. Off the look test, you're like, 'Ok, that's a tackle, that's what they should look like.' He's an athletic kid, he's vocal kid on the team.


For him, he just wants to get out there now and put all this work to use. It's starting to put all this hard work to football. You're just rooting for guys like that to have a good season and to stay injury free."

Linebacker Addison Gillam: "I think he's feeling stronger, feeling better and he's feeling the weight on him. He just wants to have a good season and get back to football. He's about 225-230. The goal is to get him to about 235 going into camp."

Tackle Isaac Miller: "He looks good. He's working back into it. We got him doing some dead lifts from the floor. He works hard. He gets in early and gets his stuff done."

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